Supercharged Plant Soil Recipe

Learn how to make a supercharged Plant Soil using Diapers. You’ll love this Recipe and so will your Plants! Watch the video tutorial now.

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Today we are excited to share a brilliant gardening hack and you are going to love it! You will learn how to make Plant Soil Gel using disposable baby diapers. Yes, you heard right!

This idea will save you time and money and it’s environmentally friendly too. It also reduces landfill and according to the creator, this Super Gel reduces your watering by up to half. This is just one of many incredible benefits.

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Diaper Plant Gel Soil

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So, how do you make this Plant Gel Soil? All you need is a disposable Diaper (new or ‘gently’ used), Water Crystals, and some all-purpose Potting Soil.

As you know, Diapers absorb liquid but you may be surprised at how much. In the tutorial, the diaper absorbed 4 cups of water in a few seconds.

How To Make Plant Gel Soil Video

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We have included Grant’s video regarding making your own Super Soil and we highly recommend that you watch it.

This will change the way you garden forever! Be sure to share this great idea with your family and friends. To view, click Play above ^

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Diaper Soil Plants Recipe

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Once you have made your Hydrogel according to the video instructions, it’s time to turn it into super soil. You need some all-purpose potting soil and a large mixing bowl to dump it in.

Add equal parts of dirt and gel, then begin working the two together until they’re thoroughly mixed. Now you’ve not got a super absorbent, super soil that’s light and fluffy.

It’s perfect for your potted plants. Throw a little soil into the pot first, then help your plant get comfortable.

To hold it firmly in place, keep packing more soil until everything sits tight. You can finish up by giving the plant a bit more water, and with the super crystals in your soil, your plant can last twice as long between waterings.

In the event of extreme overwatering, ordinarily, plants would drown or begin to rot. This is where hydrogel soil rises to the occasion. Being infused in the soil, the excess water is quickly absorbed, keeping the soil damp and fluffy, and potentially saving your plants.

One of our favorite tips is Grant’s final idea and that is to preserve your fresh cut flowers by adding sugar, vinegar, and a bit of bleach to some warm water.

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Using Diapers In Hanging Baskets

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Here’s another easy and inexpensive tip for using Diapers. This gardening hack involves popping a diaper in the bottom of your hanging basket.

This retains moisture and stops your baskets from drying out. Be sure to try this excellent idea.

Soda Bottle Drip Feeder

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Soda Bottle Drip Feeder

via Dream Garden 101

Another great idea for watering is this Plastic Bottle Drip Feeder. This will come in handy if you are going away for an extended period and for plants that are not easily accessible.

All you need to do is put some holes in the bottle, fill it with water and bury it with the plant. This works well in your garden too. The smaller the holes, the slower the release of water is. Be sure to leave the lid off too.

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