DIY Clay Pot Water Feature Is An Easy Project

There’s nothing more tranquil than the sound of running water and this Clay Pot Fountain is the perfect addition to your home.

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There is something about the sound of running water over rocks, it’s just so relaxing, therapeutic, and at one with nature.

There’s a reason why so many people have fallen in love with this DIY Clay Pot Water Feature and it’s simple to make and looks great.

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How many times have you walked through a park and heard a running creek or babbling brook?

The sound of water is truly soothing to the soul. It keeps your heart peaceful and your mind calm. From a visual point of view, you can spend hours mesmerized. It’s also perfect for meditating.

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Fountains have always been a popular addition to a home or garden and we particularly love this tabletop version that uses Clay Pots, Saucers, pebbles and plants.

You will only need a small water pump for this project and it’s easy to put together. This is the perfect beginner project.

DIY Clay Pot Water Feature Video

via Menards

We have included a video tutorial that will show you how to put your Clay Pot Water Feature together. In no time whatsoever, you will be admiring your handiwork! Click Play above to view now ^

Clay Pot Water Feature Instructions

You can find the full instructions for your Clay Pot Water Feature on Menards and if you would like more Clay Pot Inspiration, we have lots on our site.

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