Craft Room Desk DIY Easy Video Tutorial

Everyone’s loving this Craft Room Desk DIY and it’s easy to make and looks great. You will wonder how you ever got by without it. View the ideas now.

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Does your Craft Room look like someone broke in? You are not alone. It’s like all your creativity on display in one location.

Clutter can weigh you down and it can be very frustrating when you can’t put your hand on your glue gun or stapler! Today we are sharing a simple DIY that will be the answer to your prayers!

Craft Room Desk DIY via Ana White

The featured version above is from Ana White and it is just so well thought out. We bet you have already got a space in your home picked out and you can see that you can purchase storage towers from Amazon to form part of the base.

Corner Craft Desk via Little VW’s

You can create a custom version that is perfect for a corner, or even longer if your room permits. You also won’t need any special skills to build it.

The plan is pure genius with plenty of room for all your bits and bobs. The corner version featured above will give you lots of added space and storage. Another thing we love is that it is extremely compact too.

Craft Room Desk DIY Video

We have included an excellent video tutorial that shows you how the Vlogger made her Craft Desk. You will be thrilled to see just how easy it is and it’s the perfect beginner-friendly project. To watch, click Play above ^

Here’s another great idea from made every day. Again, it’s very simple in design and you can pop your craft table on caster wheels making it fully moveable.

via the little green bean

Over on Little Green Bean they have created the perfect crafter’s corner. Again lovely and compact with excellent display and storage shelves. We love this clutter-free design.

via Landeelu

What a great result has been achieved using this simple Ikea hack. Landeelu is thrilled with their craft desk and we can see why.

We particularly love the way they have extended a little roof over their stools. This creates an incredibly tidy space that is minimal yet practical. It looks great on a timber floor too.

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