DIY Fish Observation Tower for Ponds

Make your backyard pond exciting with a fish observation tower! This DIY project will freshen up your garden in no time and you will love the results.

DIY Fish Observation Tower for ponds

Give your fish a new outlook with this fantastic observation tower that’s perfect for your backyard pond. This is like nothing we have seen and there’s a reason it has been so popular in our Community.

A Fish Observation Tower will take your Fish Pond to the next level and it will allow you to get up close and personal with nature.

You can see them in their natural habitat. It’s a very relaxing way to spend your day! You will love it and so will your fish!

How To Make Fish Observation Tank Video

We have seen many versions of the Fish Observation Tank on Pinterest and Youtube. It would seem the easiest way to make your own Tower is to use an upside down Aquarium, Bowl or Tower. Most we have seen sit on a stand. It is important that this is very stable. Click Play above to see one being made and installed ⇑

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Pond planning via Aquascape Inc

Here’s a great infographic that gives you the basic outline of how to plan your Pond using a simple Aquascape Ecosystem.

You have a base of rocks and gravel and naturalize the Pond edges with Mulch and Plants. It’s imperative that you get the right size Pump and Aquatic Plants are essential for the health of your Pond.

Pond plant ideas via Fix

Planting Out Your Pond

You can use a mixture of aquatic and floating plants for your pond. Water Lillies and Water Moss look wonderful and will give your pond a very pretty appearance. Submerged Plants work well too.

Pond plant ideas via Fix

Best fish for ponds via Desima

These days you can select from a number of different types of Fish for your Pond. No longer is it simply Goldfish! We have included a chart above that has some great recommendations for you to consider and they are specific to a Pond environment.

Clean pond hack via Empress of Dirt

One of the big issues for Pond Owners is achieving that crystal clear water. We have found a clever hack that will have yours sparkling in a matter of 1-3 days. Simply wrap some quilt batting around a wire basket, secure with a bungee cord and insert your basket in your pond, submerge and run your pump.

Vase observation idea via My Humble Home and Garden

Fish Observation Tower

Pond observation tower via Earth in Transition

Fish Observation Tower

Fish Observation Tall Tower via Imgur

DIY Fish Observation Tower Video Tutorial

The team at Koi Dome Unlimited created this simple video DIY tutorial that shows how to install one of these fish observation towers in your backyard pond. Click play on the video below ⇓ to view this DIY and keep scrolling for more fish pond ideas!

This is a great way to achieve a terrific effect. It is 22 inches or 56 cm’s in diameter and no stand is required.

It is a floating fish observation dome and it is available for sale on Amazon —> You can purchase yours here

Vase tower via Gardening for You

If you would rather purchase a ready-made version of the Fish Observation Tank, we love this one that we found on Etsy. There are a number of different styles —> View Them All Here

Fish observation towers via Earth in Transition

DIY fish observation tower ideas for backyard ponds

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