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Upside Down Tomatoes DIY Instructions

Learn how to get the best results for tommies with this awesome Upside Down Tomatoes DIY. You’ll love these ideas ..

Are you short on space? Container gardening has become increasingly popular for many reasons and it’s a great way to have favorite herbs and veggies continually on hand.

Apart from saving on space, container gardening is ideal for beginners. You can get the whole family involved, all the while enjoying the outdoors.

It’s a lot less work and not as intimidating as trying to set up a separate veggie garden area. Let’s face it, nothing beats fresh!

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You’ll find that your home grown Tomatoes taste so much better than store bought. In fact, next time you’re in the supermarket notice their uniform size and appearance. The types are selected for how well they travel and keep, not how good they taste!

It’s very easy to grow Tomatoes in containers and you can use plastic containers or metal buckets. It’s also easy to move the tomato plants around to take advantage of the sunniest spots. When they’re grown in pots or containers, you’ll experience a much longer growing season than you would with a garden plot.

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Upside Down Tomatoes DIY

Upside Down Tomatoes DIY -:

Here’s What You Need -:

Start by cutting a three-inch hole in the center of the base of the bucket. Next, drill two 1/4” holes a few inches from the top edge of the bucket. This will hold the nylon cord that will ensure that you bucket hangs correctly.

The next step is to fold up some old newspapers. Line the bottom of the bucket with them, then half fill the bucket with potting mix. Now lay the bucket on its side and cut a slit in the newspaper so that it will hold the roots of the plant firmly.

Upside Down Tomatoes DIY Video -:

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Once the plant is established, you can attach the nylon cord through the holes and hang it up. All that is left is to make sure it’s watered well. During the growing season, you can apply the fertilizer every 2 weeks. Source – 1001 Gardens

Upside Down Tomatoes DIY

Here’s a handy Chart from Empress of Dirt. A great idea is to source your seeds locally so that you know they will be suitable for your conditions.

Start your seeds indoors for 8-10 weeks before the last Frost.

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5 Great Tomato Varieties for Container Gardening

The above chart has some great suggestions on how to make a delicious homemade tomato sauce. Select varieties with fewer seeds and a firm meaty texture.

5 Tomato Varieties To Grow

  • Russian Big Roma
  • San Marzano
  • Polish Linguisa
  • Jersey Devil
  • Amish Paste

All you need to know about Heirloom Tomatoes

If you’re overwhelmed by the choices available for growing Heirloom Tomatoes this simple chart will help you decide which ones to grow and how to use them! Be sure to Pin!

5 Gorgeous Vertical Gardening Beds

Some other great ways to grow your veggies include Arbors, Cages, Trellis’s, A-Frames, Teepees, Tripods and of course Stakes. Some great information from Family Food Garden

Upside Down Tomato Container Gardening

You can purchase an Upside Down Tomato Planter on here to grow your Tomatoes like above from Garden Therapy

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