How To Make A Floating Faucet Fountain

It has no hose and no pipes, so how does it work? You will love to make your own Floating Faucet Fountain. Learn how now.

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You will be so excited to learn how to make a floating faucet fountain and the good news is, it’s extremely easy. You will be able to use this idea in so many ways and the results are simply stunning!

We had never seen anything like it. A Tap that appears to float above a bucket or a teapot? How could this be the case? The hard work is actually done for you and you can purchase an inexpensive kit from Etsy.

via These Waters CA – Etsy

Magic Faucet Fountain Materials

This cute project is a real conversation piece and we know you will love the results. The best part about using a kit for this project is it’s inexpensive and you don’t have to worry about using epoxy or soldering.

via These Waters CA – Etsy

What Your Kit Contains

Your floating faucet fountain kit comes with an acrylic tube, water pump, and also faucet. Very simple instructions are included also.

With these items taken care of, you can concentrate on the finishing touches like the decorative pieces you wish to include in your display.

The other thing that we love is that you can purchase as little as one kit through to 5.

The more you purchase, the bigger the discount. This is very handy, particularly if you plan to make gifts for families and friends or make a display that requires multiple faucets.

Floating Faucet Fountain Video Tutorial

In the above video tutorial, you will be shown what is in your kit and how to put it together to make a beautiful water feature that you will love.

As mentioned throughout our post, we highly recommend that you purchase the Floating Faucett Kit from Etsy. The reviews are excellent and there are also lots of photos in the review section you can use for inspiration. To watch the video, press Play above ^


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