It has no hose and no pipes, so how does this Magic Faucet work? You will love to see how this amazing illusion comes to life, you won’t believe your eyes!

We were blown away when we came across this Magic Faucet Fountain video on Facebook from Buzzfeed’s, Nifty Channel.

We had never seen anything like it. A Tap that appears to float above a bucket? How could that be the case? Well, on further investigation, we found quite a few of these Magic Faucets and whether you make your own at home or purchase from Etsy or Amazon, we’ve got something for everyone!

Available via Amazon

Magic Faucet Fountain Materials

  • Waterproof container or small bucket
  • Small fountain pump
  • Drill Circle saw drill attachment
  • Epoxy Putty 14-inch / 35-centimeter clear plastic tube
  • Small faucet
  • River rocks
  • Water
  • or Magic Faucett Kit via Etsy

Magic Faucett Kit via Etsy 

The great news is that we have found a Magic Faucett Kit that comes complete with everything that you will need to make your own.

We found this version on Etsy and it is inexpensive and you’ll have the satisfaction that you made it yourself. You can get your kit here

video tutorial via nifty

Magic Faucet Fountain Video Tutorial

In the tutorial above, Nifty shows you how to make your own Magic Faucet using a bucket, a faucet and a water pump.We suggest you get the Magic Faucett Kit from Etsy. You will also need some stones to finish your project off. To view the video, click Play above ^

Available via Etsy

If you’re not the DIY type, we’ve got you covered with some gorgeous and affordable readymade versions. Wonderfall Creations on Etsy has quite a few gorgeous versions! The Country Floral Pitcher above is just one they sell. They also have the DIY Kit here

Available via Etsy

They have them in so many shapes and sizes and you can even get one in a small or larger watering can. Just imagine this strategically placed in your garden beds. It would look truly beautiful. You can see the whole range here

Available via Amazon

Over on Amazon, they also have a number of different versions available. This one has a bucket as the base and again, can look nice and rustic hiding amongst your flowers. It’s a cute spot for the birds to bathe too. Find this one here

via Amazon

We couldn’t help but share this version too! Isn’t that just the prettiest little watering can? You can find it here

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