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Learn how to make Terrarium with this handy youtube video tutorial. Check out all these incredibly awesome ideas now.

How To Make Terrarium Youtube Video

Terrariums look beautiful in your home and there are so many options to make them easily and inexpensively. A glass bowl is a great base and you can see all the individual layers.

You can also create the cutest fairy gardens. Plant them out with succulents, pebbles, marbles, in fact, anything at all. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and you will be able to enjoy them forever. You can even use fake plants if you prefer.

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How To Make A Succulent Terrarium Better Homes & Gardens Magazine have gone with a Beachy Theme with their Terrarium below. (Photography Phil Aynsley) – Their versions show you the sort of effects that you can achieve and should have your creative juices flowing! You can subscribe to their magazine here

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How to make a Terrarium Don’t forget if you lack light in your home and find it hard to grow plants, maybe look at some faux plastic plants. They are so realistic these days that no one will know unless you tell them! The other bonus is they require zero maintenance apart from a light dust.

Terrarium Information via Fix

Be sure that you scroll our page all the way to the end. We have lots of pinnable charts that are so handy. We show you the plants to pick, the way to layer your jars plus lots of different versions that you can replicate.

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How to Create a Terrarium

stunning terrariums via Stephanie Lynn

No special skills are required to make these gorgeous Glass Bowl Terrariums. We have included some handy charts that will show you how to select the best plants. We even have found a great Infographic that shows you the important process of layering your Terrarium. It’s important to get the order right so be sure to continue scrolling and don’t forget to Pin the handy information for future use.Succulent Garden

via Star Online

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The Terrarium Guide Choosing Your Container

Here’s a very handy Infographic from Desima which shows you how to choose the right container for your Terrarium. Remember that if it is a closed container it will require less maintenance. An open container will require regular misting. There are a list of suggested plants for you to consider including Maidenhair Ferns and Baby’s Tears.

It’s also very important to ensure that you don’t place your Terrarium in direct sunlight, you don’t want to cook your plants! Be sure that it is a protected and well lit location. We have also included an Infographic below that shows 4 simple steps. Be sure to Pin for reference.

How To Make A Terrarium Video Tutorial -:

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to make your own Terrarium at home. To watch, click Play above ⇑

How To Make a Terrarium In 4 Easy Steps

Top 11 Plants For Terrariums

Better Homes and Gardens have put together a list of the Top 11 Terrarium Plants. This list that will come in handy!

How To Build Your Own Terrarium

This Infographic shows you the preferred plant choices for your Terrarium. We were surprised to see that Cacti is not ideal as over time the moist conditions can lead to rot. A more suitable alternative are Air Plants.

They require a 20 to 30 minute soak 1-3 times a week. Rooted Plants are also a great choice as they enjoy humid conditions and require very little water. Succulents fit this category.

How To Build A Terrarium ‘Something Turquoise’ have put together a great Infographic that shows you how to build a Terrarium from the ground up. You can see that the base is sand and then you add a layer of large stones followed by small stones. Your activated charcoal then sits on top. Next, add some Sphagnum Moss and then Soil. Your plants and ornaments of your choice then are the final layer.The Terrarium Guide - Constructing Your Terrarium Desima has provided another great Infographic that includes a number of tips and tricks when it comes to the construction of your Terrarium. Be sure that you Pin this handy chart. How to make A Glass TerrariumStephanie Lynn has done a great job of her Terrarium and we love the way she has angled her bowl and added some cute little legs. This is such a clever idea and gives it a very stylish look for not a lot of money. Here’s another great idea we found on Pinterest – We love the idea of using Wine Glasses to make Terrariums. This is so sweet and you could group them together in different heights as a centrepiece for your table.

Make a Terrarium Fairy Garden

This gorgeous Fairy Garden is via BHG

Terrarium Tips and Tricks

Here’s some more examples of containers that you can use to create different effects with your Terrariums found on the Sill site and don’t they look gorgeous. You can use simple jars right through to Coffee Plungers. Anything goes!

How To Make a Terrarium

We love this Cactus Terrarium and it’s a great way to show you how to utilise an open bowl system. Don’t you just love it!

How To Make A Terrarium

Here’s another beautiful version using Succulents in this Terrarium. It’s an explosion of colour and very low maintenance.

Want More? See how to make a Clay Pot into a gorgeous Fairy Gumball Succulent Planter. Get the details here

Coffee Pot Terrarium

This Coffee Pot Terrarium has been one of our most popular posts on our site. You can use faux or real succulents for this project and it will look great in a favourite space in your place. You can find all the details on this easy DIY here

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