Time Out Stool Is A Parents Savior

If your Toddler needs some help with discipline, this Time Out Stool Hourglass DIY might be just what you are looking for. Check out the ideas and watch the video tutorial too.

Time Out Stool Hourglass

Are you one of many searching for Time Out Stools for Toddlers? You are not alone! All that energy coming from one little body, can really turn your home and relationships on its head!

Time Out is as much for you as your child. It’s a chance to give them time to sit and reflect. They have great results for many.

Time Out Stool Hourglass

Time Out Stool via Amazon 

Time Out is as much for you as them and it’s a good chance to give them time to sit and reflect. It also allows you to calm yourself and gather your thoughts.

We love this Time Out Stool and you can make it yourself. This is an effective way to help curb negative behavior. It can easily be made using Soda Bottles.

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Time Out Stool Hourglass

Time Out Stool via Christneys Crafts

The Time Out Stool Hourglass on the right retails for around $70. The steps on the left that we have found from a Mom Blogger, Christeney’s Crafts was recreated for the sum of $25.

This is a substantial cost difference and makes the DIY aspect very attractive. Also as you can see, the result is as good as the store bought! We think she has done a great job!

Timeout Stool Hourglass Video Tutorial

We have also found you a video tutorial that shows you how to put your Time Out Stool Hourglass together. You will see just how easy it is. To watch, click Play above ^

Time out Stool Tutorial

Time Out Stool via Christineys Crafts 

How To Make Time Out Stool Hourglass

Here’s what you need -:

  • 2 Plastic Soda Bottles
  • MDF Circles
  • Spindles or Legs
  • Wood Doll Head
  • Spray Paint
  • Washer
  • Clear Silicone Sealant


Time Out Stool Hourglass 1

These images are via a site called Wisteria but the item has since been removed. You can purchase the identical item on Amazon here. The full tutorial on how to make one yourself is available on Christeney’s Crafts here

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