Learn How To Make Tire Flower Planters

We know you love to recycle and these Tire Flower Planters will look fantastic in your garden.  Check out all the ideas ..

Tire Flower Planters

If you have Tires laying around that you don’t know what to do with, this fabulous idea will give you some inspiration. You can easily upcycle Tires into Flower Pots and Planters and they’re very inexpensive.

They look great painted up and you can create all sorts of interesting looks for your garden. We’ve included lots of versions to help you on your way so be sure to scroll our post to check out the DIY tutorials and handy tips.

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Tire Flower Planter Tutorial

Tire Planters via Felder Rushing

The first step is to choose your Tire carefully as you need to invert it.  To do this, simply push the tire gently where the tread meets the sidewall. You’ll then need a sharp knife and also protective gloves to start cutting the tire.


How To Make Rubber Tire Flower Pot

We have included a video tutorial to show you how to recreate this project. Click Play above to watch ^

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Recycled Tire Flower Planter

Tire Planters via Felder Rushing

You can also use a Jigsaw to cut around the tire rather than a sharp knife. This will give you the nice pointed edges for the flower petals. Pull the body of the tire away and make sure you put a sponge in the bottom with a hole in it for drainage so that your plants won’t get waterlogged. Now you’re ready to fill with potting soil and start planting!

Small Tyre Flower Hanging Planter

via Pink Hammers and Sippy Cups

You can also use your recycled Tire Flower Planter as a hanging basket instead of a garden planter.  It will look beautiful on your decking or verandah.

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For more clever Tire Upcycle ideas for the garden check our popular Teacup Tire Planter collection of DIY ideas and tutorials here

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