Tire Planter Designs All The Best Ideas

If you have some old Tires, we have the perfect upcycle! You are going to love these Tire Planter Designs and they are easy too. Be sure to check them all out now.

Tire Planter

Wondering what to do with those old Tires? Why not upcycle into a gorgeous planter for your garden. You can Paint them up to suit your existing landscape and fill them with flowers or succulents.

You can use a traditional Tire and if you have a large backyard, a Tractor Tire could make a fabulous centerpiece. Another great idea that you will love to check out is the DIY Tire Pond and the DIY Tractor Tire Pit.

via DIY Showoff 

These are both very popular projects that have been hugely popular in our community and they are easy too.

Over on the DIY Showoff Site, the Creator has come up with this wonderful way to make your Planter. We particularly love the color and you can have it swinging from a tree or on the wall. She shows you two different ways to recreate the look and also how to ensure you have the correct drainage. You can find the details  here

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Tire Planter Design via Recaptured Charm 

Hanging Succulent Tire Planter via Monrovia 

via Addicted 2 DIY 

Here’s another fabulous use for a Tire. One of our favorite sites Addicted 2 DIY has come up with this genius use. The tire is covered in a heavy duty jute or rope and is like a table or stool. The plants then sit in the centre. Get the instructions here

via We Heart Parrots 

Some people really are just so clever and when we discovered these fabulous Hanging Parrot Planters, we couldn’t wait to share the idea with you. The best part, there are full instructions on how to make them on the Creators Site here 

Teacup Tire Planter Instructions 

Frog Tire Planter details here 

Ladybug Tire Planter Instructions 

Tire Planter via Hometalk 

Tire Planter Edging Idea via Pinterest 

Tire Planter Parrots via We Heart Parrots 

Wishing Well Tires

Tire Minions via Pinterest 

Tractor Tire Planter

via Rainharvest Co

Over on the Rainharvest Co Site, they have used a Tractor Tire for their project and doesn’t it look fabulous. You can find old tires at Farm and Yard Sales.

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