How To Dry Herbs Naturally At Home

If you love to grow your own herbs, today we show you the authentic way to dry herbs naturally for the absolute best possible result. Be sure that you watch the video now.

dry herbs naturally

These days, we are all in such a hurry. We are always looking for the quick and easy fix. It does however come at a price. When it comes to your food and flavors, shortcuts usually disappoint and there is no substitute for tried and true authentic methods.

If you grow herbs at home, today you will be excited to learn how to dry them naturally. We have seen other methods involving microwaves and ovens but all you do is strip the flavor and add toxins which is the last thing you want to do. There is a better way!

How To Dry Herbs Naturally Video Tutorial

Today, New York Botanical Gardens shows us some simple steps to drying and storing our herbs. They also explain how to freeze them and turn them into herb butters too. Click Play above to view now ^

When we spied this excellent herb drying rack from Grandma Maureen on Lowes Home Depot, we knew this would be perfect for your kitchen. It’s so easy to make and it is  a very stylish piece indeed. You can find all the particulars of the project here.

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