The Sweetest Collection Of Fairy Light Projects To Try

We’ve rounded up some cute ways to use Fairy Lights In DIY Projects and you are going to love to make them. Check them all out now and Pin your favorites.

Is there anything sweeter than Fairy Lights? There are so many ways you can use them. We have been on the hunt and we are pretty sure that you are going to love these great ideas.

The first that we are sharing is from Kelly of Smart School House. When we saw her Glowing Watering Can, we fell hard!

via Smart School House 

Kelly’s post has been so popular that her post includes photos of projects that are made by her followers. What we particularly love about this project is the simplicity.

It is very easy to put together and it looks fabulous. You can even switch your Fairy Lights onto flash mode.

via Smart School House

Lucky for all of us, Kelly has included a video that we have included above. Click Play above to see her gorgeous Glowing Watering Can in action ^

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via The Navage Patch

Over on The Navage Patch they have used a Teapot for their Fairy Light Project. Don’t you love the way that they spill so prettily over the rocks. This is a truly beautiful idea and would be ideal for a corner of your garden or as a stunning centrepiece. You can see the full project details here

Another cute idea that we came across is embedding fairy lights into your wheelbarrow fairy garden. You can achieve the most gorgeous effects. You can see the full post here

Kelly from Smart School House just keeps coming up with the very best ideas and here is further proof. We love her log fire pit idea and we can think of a few places that it will look fab. You can see her full post here

Another very popular idea is to make a glowing chandelier. Would you believe that the above version has been made from garden baskets and fairy lights? It really has! You can see the full post on Club Chica here

Another of our favorite ideas is adding ping pong balls to fairy lights. Just look at the result you can achieve and again, it’s just so easy to recreate. We found this great idea on The Surznick Room here

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