Family Hand Casting Kit Ideas You’ll Love

Everyone’s loving these Family Hand Casting Kit Ideas and you will too. This would make a wonderful gift for your special friends too.

family hand casting kits

There’s a reason that these Family Hand Casting Kit Ideas have been massively popular and we know you will be excited to make your own.

Casts can be made in many different finishes and with various materials. They are easy to make and look great!

We’ve rounded up some great ways you can create treasured family memories and we’ve also included a video that shows you how.

family hand casting kits

The photos above show Fi Munroe of Love, Light & Mermaid Tails and husband Ewan making a sculpture using this casting kit from Edinburgh Casting.

After being diagnosed with stage IV Ovarian Cancer, they wanted a way to make a beautiful memory together. Fi says it reminds them that no matter what happens, they can get through it together.


via Edinburgh Casting 

Family Hand Casting Kit Video Tutorial

This short video shows how simple it is to make a Hand Casting Sculpture using a premade kit. You receive two things. A sculpting jelly and a mixture of your choice depending on what sort of finish you’d like. The video is from Edinburgh Casting. Click Play above to view ^

via Edinburgh Casting Studio

The Edinburgh Casting Studio offers a lot of great kits you can use to make your own lifecasting. As shown in the video above, the process is simple and can be a lot of fun to do!

There are many types of casting kits too, including kits for couples, families and pet owners.

Hand Casting Kit via Luna Bean 

We love this version of the Hand Casting that we found on Amazon. The kit is available here

via Babyprints Baby Casts

Baby feet castings are a great way to remember those sweet little feet! They also make a wonderful gift for that baby once they’re all grown up.

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Tutorial via Momspark

Blogger Allison from Momspark made these hand sculptures, showing a fun way to do body casting on your own! She used a product called Alignate and some Plaster of Paris to make her molds. You can see her full tutorial here

via Bubs4ever

Here is a wonderful idea from bubs4ever studio for making a lifecasting with a baby. Hold your baby’s feet with your hands in a heart shape.

via Pinterest

Here is a great idea for a cast if you could hold a small candleholder between your hands while making the cast. This could be great for home decor or even as a special touch at a wedding.

via Features Forever

We love this idea from Features Forever Baby Casting. A photo at the top with tiny casted hands and feet below.

available via Etsy

This Etsy artist uses castings to make these beautiful tree ornaments, and we think it’s a great way to make a wonderful memento!

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