You will love to learn the secret to growing an endless supply of Ginger at home. It’s quick and easy and much healthier too!


There is nothing better than propagating, harvesting, and enjoying your own fruit and vegetables at home. Today you will learn how to grow Ginger at home in a pot and it couldn’t be easier.

The best part about growing ginger toot is that it is very easy provided that you mimic the conditions this plant is used to. It originates in South East Asia which means it is a heat, humidity, and water-loving plant.

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21 Health Benefits Of Ginger

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There are plenty of reasons why you should be growing ginger at home. It is an excellent medicinal home remedy with many healing properties. It soothes Irritable Bowel Syndrome, clears sinuses, fights infections, and is even linked to weight loss.

Ginger is also great for reducing arthritic inflammation and it makes a delicious, all-natural tea. It improves your circulation and is known to block heartburn and that’s just the beginning!

How To Grow Ginger At Home

Now that you are across the many health benefits, it’s time to learn how to grow this miracle herb. The first thing you will need to do is find a chunk of ginger root to propagate. This is as easy as selecting one from your grocery store.

Be sure to look for one with eyes and if you see it sprouting, this is the one to buy. Also, make sure you have a decent size piece. The larger the chunk, the faster the growth.

Whilst you can sprout your ginger in water, this step is not necessary. Your ginger root can be planted straight up.

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How To Grow Ginger In Pot

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The selection of your pot is equally important to the root. Ginger grows horizontally so a wide and shallow dish, ideally 18 inches, is the best choice for planting. You can fit up to 4 pieces of ginger in this area.

A high-quality, loose potting mix is essential and your pot needs to have good drainage. Another good tip is to cover your pot with plastic film or a bag. If the weather is against you, this will create humidity which is something that ginger loves.

Ginger loves sunny, sheltered locations that have dappled light. You should also ensure that the soil is kept moist at all times and that you mist the leaves.

This recreates the natural environment that the plant originates and thrives in. You should plant your Ginger in Spring for best results.

How To Grow Ginger At Home In Pot Video

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We are sharing this informative video that has lots of great information. You will be shown how to plant, water, and maintain your ginger.

You will also learn how to turn your harvested ginger into powder. To watch the video, click Play above ^

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