All The Very Best Tips For Growing Jasmine In A Pot

There’s plenty of reasons to love this fragrant beauty. Today we will show you how to grow Jasmine in a pot. From planting to harvesting and even repotting, you will love these tips.

Jasmine is known as the flower of the Gods in some cultures and with around 200 beautiful species, there are plenty of varieties, as a home gardener, you can experiment with.

Only recently we purchased some gorgeous, advanced Jasmines. We have put them in pots across our verandah and the fragrance is absolutely heavenly to say the least.

The smell of Jasmine wafting through your bedroom window at night will also guarantee your best night sleep and Monq even go so far as to refer to Jasmine as the King of all Essential Oils.

As you can see by their infographic above, there’s plenty of reasons to pot Jasmine up around your home.

How To Grow Jasmin In A Pot Video

A single smell can ease your sadness, increase your confidence and Jasmine Essential Oil in a diffuser will lift you to cloud nine.

It is also known to act as an aphrodisiac, fade scars and stretch marks and relieve stress. As you can see, there’s plenty to love, literally! In the video that we are sharing, you will learn how to pot, care for, maintain and prune as well as harvest and repot your Jasmine. The tips and tricks are excellent and we highly recommend you view. Click Play above to watch ^

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