How To Grow Mushrooms All The Tips

Mushrooms are delicious and they are meat for vegetarians. They also extremely good for you. Add them to dishes for a hit of  Vitamin B and Iron in the process.

grow mushrooms at home

Did you know you can grow Oyster Mushrooms easily in Coffee Grounds and Cardboard or a Laundry Basket?

Even better, you can do it all year round, indoors or outdoors. What could be better than growing your own? Whilst greens are known to have all the best nutrients, Mushrooms do too!

grow mushrooms in kit

infographic via Fixx

Their anemic appearance actually hides a wealth of health benefits. They are also not a vegetable. They are from the Fungi kingdom and are well known for their good Protein levels. We have included an Infographic outlining endless health benefits of Mushrooms further down our post. Keep scrolling.

How To Grow Mushrooms In 5 Steps

The above Infographic from Fixx shows you the 5 steps.

Step 1. Choose a Container that is suitable to grow your mushrooms. A laundry basket or trash can will work well. Be sure to sterilize it with bleach and water.

Step 2. Remove stems from store bought mushrooms and place the caps, gills down on wax paper. Wait 24 hours for gills to release spores.

Step 3. Assemble your Mushroom growing medium and add to container. 3 Parts Peat Moss, Potting Soil and Sterile Compost.

Step 4. Add mushroom spores that you have collected. Cover the top of the container with clear cling wrap to allow for additional air flow.

Step 5. Keep Soil moist and between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Harvest mushrooms in 10-15 days.

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How to grow Mushrooms

Thanks to Survivopedia for this great Infographic that shows you all the different varieties of Mushrooms and the best way to grow them. Think of all the recipes you will be able to make!

Grow Mushrooms in a Laundry Basket

Over on the Milkwood Site they have used a Laundry Basket to grow their mushrooms. This is an ingenious idea.

You can find the tutorial on their site. Continue scrolling to see how to grow Mushrooms in Coffee Grounds.


How To Grow Mushrooms Video

Mushrooms can be grown indoors or out and they grow from Spores not Seeds. They are easy to grow once you know how and we have a quick video to step you through the process. Click Play above now ^

Grow Mushrooms In Coffee Beans

Over on A Piece of Rainbow Ananda is also growing her Oyster Mushrooms in used Coffee Grounds, A plastic bottle and some cardboard. You can see how quickly her mushrooms grew in only 4 short days. Watch the 35-second video below.

Grow Mushrooms In Coffee Grounds Video

We have included the video that shows you how to can grow your own Mushrooms in leftover Coffee Grounds. Click Play above ^

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