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Striking Rose Cuttings In Potatoes Video

Rose Cuttings grown in Potatoes .. we’ve seen the pictures but have you put it into practice and more to the point, did it work for you?

Every garden can benefit from a colorful bed of roses. They are a hardy and very beautiful plant that enjoy full sun.

They also require maintenance, but the amount will depend on you. If you engage in the right practices, you have every chance of a beautiful and healthy crop. It’s important to feed them at the appropriate times. Of course, this will depend on the season.

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If you follow a regular routine, you will achieve the very best results. Deadheading regularly will also keep them fresh and thriving. If you enjoy growing Roses you will no doubt be keen to investigate the unusual practice of planting Roses in Potatoes.

Essentially the Potato is for moisture. You dip the Rose Cutting tip in Cinnamon to prevent Root Rot and cover with a Jar. You need to ensure that all the eyes are cut out of the Potatoes otherwise you could find yourself growing a Potato Bush instead of Roses!

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Striking Roses In Potatoes Video Tutorial

We have included a video tutorial below that shows you how to strike your Roses in Potatoes. It has some after photos too. Be sure that you follow the tips and tricks including not moving or touching the stem once planted and popping in a spot away from direct sunlight. To watch, click Play below.

How To Strike Roses In Potatoes

We have found a very informative Tutorial to step you through the process but here’s some highlights of the article where they share some of their tips, tricks and warnings.

  • When transplanting your roses, put a cup of Epsom salt, half cup of sugar, and a few egg shells inside the hole.
  • Cover your new transplants at the base with mulched leaves or wood chips for winter protection.
  • Fertilize sparingly, but water thoroughly once planted. Spritzing the leaves with a mixture of water and Epsom salt will help if your leaves are yellowing.

Be sure to scroll our page also for the great tips on using Epsom Salt to increase the size, colour and longevity of your Roses. There is some brilliant information that will ensure that you get a bumper crop of healthy and blooming beautiful Roses – Tutorial via ‘VisiHow’

Want More? Find out how to use Epsom Salt in your garden to achieve blooming beautiful results. Get the details here

Epsom Salt Roses

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