How To Grow Strawberries From Seed

Have an endless supply of home grown Strawberries. Learn the step by step process and never buy store bought again.

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Strawberries are so delicious and nothing beats when they are fresh from your garden. Today you will learn how to grow strawberries from seeds step by step using the actual fruit.

You will propagate from a store-bought punnet, and in time, have an endless supply. You can then use them in all your favorite recipes, like the strawberry lemonade that we recently shared.

via Dr.Axe

Strawberry Health Benefits

via Dr. Axe

Before we share the video tutorial with you, we thought you might like to know the many health benefits that Strawberries contain and there are many.

This infographic from Dr.Axe outlines the major ones. This includes being rich in anti-oxidants, high in Manganese, and aiding in detoxification. They are also great protectors against heart disease.

How To Grow Strawberries From Seeds Step By Step

by Lee Gardener, Project Diaries

Lee is the talented Creator behind Project Diaries and he is very thorough with his instructions.

We all loved how to grow zucchinis from seeds video and we’re excited to learn how to do the same with strawberries. For the best result, we recommend you view. To watch, click Play above ^

Growing Strawberries From Seeds Instructions

via Lee, Project Diaries.

In the video tutorial, Lee harvested about 50 seeds from his Strawberry. He dried the seeds out using absorbent paper and removed excess skin with a spoon.

He then planted the seeds in the compost. After 2 weeks, the seedlings start popping up through the soil. At the end of the 4-week mark, the leaves start to become visible.

At the 7 week mark, Lee re-potted the larger of the plants. He left the weaker seedlings in their existing container to continue growing.

Lee successfully propagated 12 healthy plants through this process. He pointed out that it is extremely important not to overwater your plants, as you can end up with root rot.

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