How To Grow Cucumbers At Home

If you’d like to try your hand at Growing Cucumbers at home, these best tips and tricks will help you on your way!

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Cucumbers are delicious and incredibly good for you. They are high in water content and excellent for your digestive system. Today you will learn how to start growing cucumbers at home.

Imagine having a never-ending supply that is free from chemicals, and fresh from your garden. Whilst this can be your reality, there are a few tips and tricks you will need to grasp first.

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Cucumber Gardening Tip

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Did you know that Cucumbers and Sunflowers make perfect companions?

Your Cucumbers will be sweeter when they are planted near Sunflowers.

Another benefit is the Sunflower stalks act as a natural trellis. They also both require similar soil.

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Amy’s 10 Tips For Growing Cucumbers

via A Healthy Life For Me

Amy of A Healthy Life For Me is a self-confessed Organic Garden Maven.

She has a blog full of fantastic information including her top 10 tips for growing cucumbers at home.

Amy suggests planting cucumbers 3 inches apart and rows 5 inches apart.

You should also plant with compost and manure. After the vines develop, be sure to add more.

Cucumber PH Level

Cucumbers love the heat. Be sure to look for a warm to a hot sunny spot in your garden that gets afternoon shade.

Amy also suggests watering up to twice a week. You should also keep the soil moist at all times. A soil PH level of between 6 and 7 is optimal.

How To Start Growing Cucumbers

When you first plant your cucumbers, be sure to keep them covered. This will keep them free of pests.

Once your plant flowers, you can remove the covers. A good way to tell if your Cucumbers are deficient is through their leaves. If they turn yellow, they need more Nitrogen.

You might also be interested to know that the more you pick your cucumbers, the more they will produce.

Where possible, pop your cucumbers on a trellis. This makes the fruit easier to pick and out of reach of animals.

Growing Cucumbers At Home Youtube Video

via Migardener, Youtube.

We are including this excellent video tutorial that is a complete guide to growing cucumbers at home.

In order to achieve the best possible results, we highly recommend that you view it. To watch, press play above ^

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