You will be amazed at what the humble horseshoe can be upcycled into and today we are sharing with you our favorite ideas. There really is something for everyone.

Who would have thought that Horseshoes could have so many uses. Today we thought we would scout out the best ways to use them.

Our first stop was our favorite handmade marketplace, Etsy. This Horseshoe Welcome Wreath is so popular for Iron N Lace and it’s easy to see why. What a way to greet visitors to your homestead.

We love these gorgeous Horseshoe Photo Frames and Barbs Creations has lots of different versions in her Etsy Shop to tempt you with. Get yours here.

You can also get custom words and names for family, even your horses. These are best sellers on etsy shop Aaron Smith Designs. Get yours here.

After welcoming your visitors, a glass of wine may be on the cards. We are head over hooves for these Horseshoe Wine Racks. They come in lots of different quantity and designs from a single bottle all the way up to more substantial versions like this. Get yours here.

This Horseshoe Coffee Rack is the perfect place to hang your mugs and a brilliant idea from Turpin Horseshoes. Get yours here.

Another of the amazing creations that caught our eye is this Horseshoe Windchime Suncatcher. Can you imagine it twinkling away in the breeze at your home? Get yours here.

What about a place to hang your boots? This boot rack comes in various configurations and is so stylish. Get yours here.

Horseshoes are also associated with luck and that is why they make great wedding or anniversary gifts too. Get Yours Here.
Horseshoe Flowers

We have been astounded at all the different ways you can use horseshoes. From Flowers to Welcome Signs, Candle Holders and Photo Frames to name a few.

Horseshoe Art Ideas Video

We have included a video that gives you lots of cute ideas that you will love. Be sure that you have a quick look. Click Play above ^

For those of you that would like to purchase one of these Horseshoe Welcome Wreath. You can order one on Etsy via the creator Iron n Lace. They have a period of lead time so get in early with your order. Check out their whole collection, they have some incredible pieces to purchase.  Get yours here 

Horseshoe Art The Whoot

Horseshoe Horse, Horseshoe Butterfly, Horseshoe Owl via ‘Pinterest’

 Horseshoe Flowers via Hometalk


Horseshoe Butterfly

Horseshoe Butterfly via Miller Welds

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