This Hourglass Time Out Stool Is A Savior

If your Toddler needs some help with discipline, this Time Out Stool Hourglass DIY might be just what you are looking for. Check out the ideas and watch the video tutorial too.
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Are you one of many searching for the Hourglass Time Out Stool DIY? Well, you’re in luck. We came across the idea and couldn’t wait to share. A Time Out Stool can instantly calm the kids down.

It is as much for you as your child. It gives them a chance to sit and reflect on their actions and behavior. The results are excellent for many and it will help you restore law and order to your home.

hourglass time out stool

Time Out Stool via Amazon

Time Out allows you to calm down and gather your thoughts without losing your temper. We recently shared how to calm an angry child and the post was hugely popular. Another is how to stop yelling at your kids.

It has lots of helpful tips that can take your parenting to a whole new level. When it comes to the above stool, it is available for purchase from Amazon. Continue scrolling to see the DIY version.

Hourglass Time Out Stool DIY Video Tutorial

via Tanya Memme, Hallmark Channel

Tanya Memme from Hallmark Channel is a whiz when it comes to DIY. Today we are sharing her popular video that shows you how to recreate a Time Out Hourglass Stool using soda bottles. You will love how easy this project is. Click Play above to view ^

hourglass time out stool

via christineys crafts

How To Make Hourglass Time Out Stool

via Christineys Crafts

This Time Out Stool was made by Mom Blogger, Christeney’s Crafts. She made hers for about $25.

Here’s what she used in her project.

  • 2 Plastic Soda Bottles
  • MDF Circles
  • Spindles or Legs
  • Wood Doll Head
  • Spray Paint
  • Washer
  • Clear Silicone Sealant

She has an excellent photo tutorial that will step you through how to make your own. Find the details here.

Want More Ideas?

We have some other great ideas that will assist you to calm your child down. In fact, positive reinforcement and certain words can work wonders. Check out the articles below.


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