This Self Feeding Fire Lasts 14 Hours

We were so excited to come across this Self Seeding Campfire idea and you will be too! Ensure that you watch the video now.
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If camping is one of your favorite past times, this self feeding campfire will be of huge interest to you. Now you can stay warm as toast the whole night through with this ingenious hack.

Bob Hansler is the face behind this amazing idea and it’s hardly surprising that it has gone viral and been a huge hit with everyone who discovers it.

One of the common complaints of campers is having to keep the fire stoked during the night. If this sounds like you, this Self Feeding Campfire is the answer to your prayers.

Now you can sleep tight throughout the night. Bob says that this fire will last for at least 14 hours. Many have been skeptical but the truth is, this setup absolutely works.

Self Feeding Campfire Video Instructions

via Bob Hansler, youtube.

Bob has made a video that shows you how his campfire works. By viewing it, you will see exactly how he has put it together.

Be sure to share this great idea with your family and friends, they are bound to be interested. To see Bob’s fire in action, click Play above ^

Swedish Torch Log Stove

via Twisted Sifter

We have also included this popular idea for a Swedish Torch. This is essentially a Log Stove that becomes a fire that you can cook on.

You will be keen to try out this easy DIY. This Swedish Torch Log Stove is another exciting idea that will take your camping adventures to a whole new level. Find the details here.

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