Home grown is always best and today you can learn how to grow your own Kiwi Fruit from seed. Watch the video tutorial now.

If you love to grow your own, now you can learn how to grow Kiwi Fruit from seeds. The good news is that it’s a much easier process than you think. Before we get into the details, did you know that Kiwi Fruit is also referred to as Chinese Gooseberry?

This was a huge surprise to us, as was the incredible health benefits of this charmed fruit. The Kiwi fruit packs a punch particularly when it comes to disease fighting antioxidants. It’s a fruit that you should consume regularly.

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6 Health Facts About Kiwi Fruit

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The Kiwi Fruit is recognized as a powerhouse of nutrition. It is one of the few foods that contain high levels of B6 which is beneficial against inflammation and heart disease.

Kiwi Seeds are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids which is beneficial for brain and joint health.

It’s hard to believe but one kiwi fruit has more vitamin c than an orange. While we’re on the subject, did you know that Camu Camu has 60 times more than the average orange?

Kiwi Fruit is rich in polyphenols which is essential for heart health and it has very high levels of Vitamin K. This is essential when it comes to fighting many chronic diseases.

These are just some of the reasons you should be increasing your Kiwi Fruit intake.

Amazing Benefits On Skin And Hair

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Kiwi Fruit is also known to fight acne, rejuvenate your skin and promote cell generation. They are also excellent in the prevention of sun damage and they are known to lighten dark circles.

Kiwi Fruit is excellent for your digestive system and aids in weight loss. It also prevents respiratory disorders and can control diabetes too.

What You Need To Grow Kiwi Fruit

A kiwi fruit
Paper towel
A clear plastic container
Potting soil

Train Kiwi Plants On Fences

When it comes to growing kiwi fruit, you can train it onto a pergola, a fence or up a tree in warmer climates. It’s important to remember that they can get quite heavy.

It is suggested that fruit should appear after 2 – 3 years. You will need to have some patience but it’s well worth the effort. The homegrown version will be much sweeter than store-bought and so much healthier for you too. 

How To Grow Kiwi Fruit From Seeds Video

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We have included this excellent video tutorial that shows you how to grow a Kiwi Fruit from Seed at home.

What we love about this video is that the host documents his progress. You will see the results at the one year mark and also the two year mark. It’s great to see the progress and you will feel so inspired. To see the video, click Play above now ^

Kiwi Fruit Growing Instructions

Remove the seeds from your Kiwi Fruit.

Remove the sticky membrane from your seeds.

Wash your seeds carefully, a colander works well.
Pop seeds on a damp paper towel and insert them into a plastic Ziploc bag.

Find a nice warm spot for your seeds.

Check-in daily watching for signs of sprouts. Ensure that the paper towel stays moist at all times.

Transplant sprouted seeds into a small pot.

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