How To Make Clay Pot Flower People

Clay Pot Flower People make a wonderful addition to your home and garden and we have a video tutorial to show you how.

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These DIY Clay Pot People will add a real touch of personality to your home and garden. It’s easy to see why they have been so popular with crafters and today, we share the step by step instructions.

They are made using assorted sizes of flower pots and saucers. You can purchase them from your local hardware store. This really is an easy project and you are guaranteed to love the results.

via Lay of The Land Co

Clay Pot People Diagram Instructions

via Lay Of The Land Co

We were thrilled to find this Diagram from Lay of The Land Co that shows you exactly how to make these adorable Clay Pot Flower People.

If you follow the step-by-step instructions and watch the video we have included for you below, you will fast be on your way to creating your own.

How To Make Clay Pot People Video Tutorial

via Tanya Memme, Hallmark, Youtube.

Tanya Memme from Hallmark Channel is the Queen of the Craft Scene. Today she shows you exactly how she makes her Flower Pot People.

You will be thrilled to discover that they are a lot easier to make than you think. In order to achieve the best possible result, we highly recommend you view the video. Click Play above ^

via Craftster

Clay Pot Scarecrow

via Craftster

This adorable Clay Pot Scarecrow that we are featuring is from Craftster and has been very popular. You’ll love him sitting in your garden and he is certain to bring a smile to all that see him!

It’s a great upcycle for your old jeans or bib and brace overalls too. Don’t forget to add a straw hat too!

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