Essential Oils How To Make Them At Home

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We all love Essential Oils but they can be very expensive to purchase. Wouldn’t you love to learn to be able to blend your own at home?  …

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It’s easy to make your own all-natural Essential Oils at home.

In fact, you will be surprised at the exceptional results you will be able to achieve. Imagine the money you will save and the wonderful, unique fragrances that you can achieve. They have so many applications too.

Essential Oils

Essential Oil Making Basic Supplies

Here’s some of the items you will need. Fresh flowers and herbs are a good start. You can also use spices and citrus of your choice. Lemon, Lime and Orange Peel works very well. You will also need Carrier Oil. Some of the most popular Oils that are used for this process include Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Peanut Oil.

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How to make Essential Oils

Essential Herbs via Pioneer Settler 

Any of these will make a great choice as they are natural light scented oils. You will need Cheesecloth. This can be Muslin or a fine gauze but please ensure you look for an unbleached version. You will also need some Ziploc plastic bags, a wooden mallet or rolling pin and a nice wide mouthed jar. You can use recycled jars or Mason Jars are perfect.

Essential Oils Crock Pot Method

This is a super easy method. Simply add oil and herbs to your Crock Pot. There is a keep warm setting which is approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The time frame will be 6-8 hours and you will have a wonderful aroma throughout your home.

Essential Oils Oven Method

You can also use your Oven to make Essential Oils. Again, just pop your oils and herbs in an ovenproof dish for around 2 hours in a 150 degrees Fahrenheit Oven.

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10 Essential Oils For Beginners

infographic via Essentail Oils For Dummies

Essential Oils Sunlight Method

The Sunlight method involves placing your oils, herbs, and flowers in your jar. You will use a rubber ring, not metal as this can result in contaminating your oils. Place in direct sunlight. A kitchen window is a great spot or find another area in your home. The sun is what infuses the herbs and oils so be sure to pick your location carefully. You will be leaving your mixture there for a minimum of two full weeks.

How To Make Essential Oils Video

We have included a video tutorial to show you how to make essential oils at home. Click Play above to view now ⇑

Bottling Your Essential Oils

Once your Essential Oils have infused as a result of your chosen method, you will need to strain your mixture. This is where your unbleached cheesecloth (muslin or gauze) comes into play. For best results strain it into a dark colored storage jar or bottle. At this point, it is wise to label and date your Jar for future reference. You can expect your homemade essential oils to have a shelf life in the region of 6-9 months on average, however, there are some that last as much as 10 years. We have included a chart further down our post that gives you details on how long the popular Oils last. This, of course, is dependent on the individual blends. The best place to store your Essential Oils is in a nice cool location that is dark and dry. Be sure to scroll our post for lots of other helpful information. We’ve included how to make your own Dog Collar Using Essential Oils and a  list of Recipes for you to try. Info via Pioneer SettlerEssential Oils For Cleaning and Home

Dr Axe has provided an excellent Infographic that shows you how you can incorporate Essential Oils around your home. You are likely to be unaware just how handy they can come in. Why not add 5 drops to your vacuum bag to spread a wonderful fragrance in your home. You could also try adding Lemon Oil to the dishwasher for a spot free clean. This would be very handy for glasses in particular!

If you have carpet stains why not try adding 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil to Borax. These are just some of the amazing suggestions so be sure that you Pin the chart.

Essential Oil Guide

We love these  Essential Oils for Aromatherapy List and it includes blends for Sinus Relief, Cramp Relief, Winter Blues and even Concentration. You might also be keen to try out the Aphrodisiac Blend and see if you get lucky!

The other infographic has a great collection of Blends for Loneliness, Stress, Irritability, Happiness and Peace, Insecurity and more. Be sure to Pin for reference.

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Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

via Hello Natural

How To Use Essential Oils Topically

Hello Glow have produced this very handy Infographic that shows you how to use Essential Oils topically.

Essential Oils Use Guide

This Infographic outlines all the great ways to implement essential oils on a daily basis. From fever to fleas and everything in between! Be sure to Pin this very helpful chart!

12 Amazing Uses for Lavender

Lavender is one of our favorite Oils. It is wonderfully relaxing, smells amazing and it is used in Spa’s and Therapy Rooms. How many of these 12 Amazing Uses did you know?

Essential Oil Beauty Hacks

Infographic via Totally The Bomb

13 Uses for Bergamot Oil

Dr Axe has put together a great infographic showing 13 Uses for Bergamot Oil which is well known for its antidepressant properties.

Be sure to check out all the remedies that include killing intestinal worms, protection from Tetanus and relieving congestion too.

Shelf Life of Essential Oils

This Infographic shows the Shelf Life of Essential Oils and will come in very handy as a reference for you. As you can see Basil lasts 3 years and Myrrh lasts 6 years. Patchouli has the longest shelf life at 10 years plus. Be sure to Pin for future reference.

Diffuser Blends For Essential Oils

Here’s some lovely Diffuser Blends that you can make at home. The Blogger explains the difference between Vaporisers and Diffusers and as you can see from the Infographic you can create certain blends for various things.

One of the blends is ‘Stress Buster’ it contains 2 drops of Bergamot, 2 drops of Frankincense and 2 drops of Elevation. There is also a blend called ‘Immune Booster’ that has 3 drops ‘On Guard’, 2 drops Lemon and 1 drop Oregano. Check them all out now and be sure to Pin this handy chart.

Diffuser Blends For A Great Nights Sleep

This Infographic has some great blends that you can create to ensure you have a peaceful nights sleep.

Summer Blends Essential Oils For Your Diffuser

Summer Blend Oils via Homemade Wonders 

We love these Summer Blends and they are perfect for your Diffuser. Pick from 8 lovely blends including Rainy Day, Exotic Nights, Meditation and Summer Citrus. There are 8 in total.

Air Freshener Sprays

Holiday Blends via Real Food RN 

Essential Oils Benefits

Carrier Oil Chart via Instanatural 

Carrier Oils are known as base oils or vegetable oils and they are used in conjunction with essential oils and they may then be used in massage and aromatherapy. This list shows you some of the potent benefits of these amazing Oils.

Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils via Nourishing Joy

One of the most important things to know is how to use Essential Oils safely. We were thrilled to find this very comprehensive Chart on the Nourishing Joy site. The best part is the girls have it in a downloadable format and it is continually updated as they learn new information. This is so handy and explains a lot.

DIY Flea Collar with Essential Oilsget tutorial —> DIY Flea Collar with Essential Oils

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