How To Multiply Your Roses From Cuttings The Easy Way

Now you can learn the secret to propagating your Roses and from Cuttings. This technique is fail proof and we have a video to show you how. Check out the details now.

How would you like to multiply your favorite rose plants using only their cuttings? It’s true, this can be you.¬†Today we are sharing the easy technique with you and we know you will love the results.

The technique is the same for miniature roses to giant climbing roses and just think of the savings! Shirley Bosworth who recently showed us how to Rebloom our Orchids, features in todays tutorial.

How To Multiply Roses From Cuttings

She shows us how to take cuttings from a mother plant and prepare them for successful rooting and growth and she uses a plastic soda bottle as part of her technique.

Click Play above now to watch Shirley in action ^

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