How To Multiply Roses From Your Cuttings

Learn the secret to propagating roses from cuttings. This technique is fail proof and we have a quick video to show you how.

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Learning how to multiply roses from cuttings is easier than you think. We were very excited to learn that you can do this technique for mini roses and also your climbing roses.

Shirley Bovshow, who recently showed us how to retrigger orchid blooms is back today to step us through the process and you will love the results. 

Preparing Your Roses

via Shirley Bovshow

You will be able to recreate new rose plants using cuttings, and a plastic bottle, in only a few easy steps.

To begin, select a stem that has a faded flower, Shirley says this is preferable, not necessary, and a few sets of leaves.

You will then use clippers to cut underneath the node. Your cutting should be about 7-8 inches.

You cut the flower off and remove the lower leaves also. This will prevent the future rotting of your rose plant.

via Shirley Bovshow – Youtube

Caring For Your Plants

Another important step is to wound the base of the stem.

This prompts nutrients and hormones to heal it which activates root growth.

Be sure to have moist soil throughout the process. Shirley also uses a soda bottle as a mini greenhouse.

Once complete, you put your plant outside in a shaded area. Do not put it in direct sunlight, this is very important.

via Shirley Bovshow – Youtube

Watering Your Rose Plants

Check your plant daily and look for condensation. If there is no condensation, your rose plant needs water.

Shirley says that you will see roots at around the 4-week mark and flowers will be not much later.

Shirley is a wonderful instructor and her video tutorial below has a number of expert tips that you won’t want to miss.

How To Multiply Roses From Cuttings – Video Tutorial

via Shirley Bovshow, EdenMakers

Are you ready to learn how to multiply your roses from cuttings?

We highly recommend that you view the video. Press play above ^

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