How To Make A Kokedama Moss Ball

Learn how to make a Japanese Kokedama Moss Ball. They are super easy to make and look great. Watch the video now.

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Have you discovered Kokedama Moss Balls? It’s a unique Japanese potting technique that uses string and mud and you hang them. It’s a potting technique actually derived from Bonsai.

This popular gardening idea has taken the gardening world by storm and it’s a very easy DIY that is guaranteed to get your green thumbs itching.

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What is A Kokedama Moss Ball

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Apparently, the ancient art of Kokedama originated in the 17th century in Japan. It involves wrapping the roots of the plant in mud and moss and then suspending it with string.

The above infographic is one you should definitely pin as it has some excellent step-by-step instructions and some helpful care tips too.

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How To Make Kokedama Moss Garden Instructions

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When it comes to making a Kokedama Moss Ball, it really is very simple. All you need is some potting soil, scissors, string, cotton thread, and some water.

You will also need some moss and of course your plant. When selecting your plant, choose something that doesn’t require full sun as moss is suited to a shady environment.  Some great plant choices would be succulents, ferns, jade, spider plants, and even begonias. We also highly recommend that you check out the kits that are available on Etsy. They have all the materials necessary for your project.

How To Make Kokedama Moss Ball Video Tutorial

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The best place to start when it comes to making Kokedama Balls is with a video. We are including this easy-to-follow one from Tagawa Gardens.

You will be thrilled when you see how quick and easy they are to make. Press play above to watch now ^

kokedama balls

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Another idea that we totally love is to make an Orchid Kokedama. This is so pretty and a nice twist. We found this on Flickr.

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Kokedama Hanging Gardens are so popular that they have classes held all over the world to share how to make them at home.

We found this cute arrangement on The Make Arcade in UK. These beauties are potless and are encased in a mud cake.

kokedama balls

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There are so many ways that you can display your Kokedama plants and we guarantee that you are going to love the results.

They will work well indoors and out, depending of course on what type of variety that you use. We found these on Florist With Flowers.

kokedama balls

via better homes and gardens 

Here’s a beautiful example of how you can display your Kokedama hanging garden from Better Homes and Garden. We have included their video tutorial further in our post.

We have also found some Kokedama Kits that are for sale on Etsy. You can purchase them and start creating them immediately. They are inexpensive and get great reviews.

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