Stone Leaf Bird Bath Easy Video Tutorial

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How fabulous is this Stone Leaf Bird Bath and it will look amazing in a favorite space at your place. Check out all the ideas now …

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Are you looking to make a feature for your garden? You can’t go past this Stone Leaf  Bird Bath version and it’s easy to make.

Your feathered friends will love splashing around and you can paint it up or leave it natural. Either way, it is a real talking piece.

stone leaf bird bath

Bird Bath via Garden Stew

As you can see from the above photos this Leaf Stone Bird Bath is made using Rhubarb Leaves. This is a very large leaf and and you get some lovely leaf veins in the concrete.

Stone Leaf Bird Bath Video Tutorial

We have included an excellent video tutorial to show you how to make your own Bird Bath at home. Click Play above to view ^

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via Garden Stew 

According to the creator, this is very simple. She placed her Leaf on a mound of sand and then mixed her concrete to the consistency of a brownie mix. She then scooped cement onto the middle of the leaf and started working it out to the edges, patting as she went. The photo below shows you the result of the casting 8 days later.

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Stone Birdbath

 via Garden Stew
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