How To Make A Hanging Herb Gutter Garden

Always have a fresh stash of herbs on standby with this brilliant Hanging Gutter Garden. It’s the perfect addition to a favorite space!

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If you love to grow herbs and flowers, do we have a project for you! Who would have thought that you could create a vertical hanging garden using Rain Gutters?

What we love about this project is its versatility. Today we have rounded up a number of fabulous ways to display and there really is something for everyone. You will also find a video tutorial in our post that will guide you through the process, step by step.

Hanging Gutter Garden

via Dutramaquinas

Another popular way to use your hanging gutter garden is to attach it to a wall or fence. It’s practical and moveable and will come in extremely handy.

It’s such a great idea when you need more sun or shade, or to add some color to a favorite space in your place.

Hanging Gutter Garden Video Tutorial

via Youtube

We have included a video tutorial that will show you how to recreate your own hanging herb garden at home.

Click Play above to watch now and continue scrolling for all the handpicked projects we have selected for you ^

Rain Gutter Herb Garden

via A Girl and her glue gun

Here’s another great way of using your Hanging Herb Planter, we love the addition of the herb pots and the rope is a nice rustic touch too.

This is a very easy project and the creator, A Girl and Her Glue Gun has full instructions on her site here.

Hanging Gutter Garden

via Apexext

Adding some chain to your project is another easy way to get just the right look and makes it a very inexpensive project. We particularly love this version from Apexext.

Hanging Gutter Planter Stand

via Her Tool Belt

Here’s another of our favorite versions. You can add a stand to your hanging herb garden like the one above. This is another very attractive version and it would take the focus off a wall or fence.

This one is from Her Tool Belt and you can get the full instructions and tutorial here.

Gutter Garden

via hative

We also love the idea of adding a chalkboard background like above. You can also switch out plastic gutters for metal.

This is a great look for indoors and be sure to write the details on the board for added interest. What a great idea from Hative.

Hanging Gutter Garden

via Dutramaquinas

Strawberries grow extremely well in hanging gutter gardens too. There are so many ways that you can use your hanging garden gutter, the possibilities are endless.

via Home Depot

Painting your gutter garden like this one from Home Depot looks very cheery and will add a focus to your pergola or patio. You can find their tutorial here.

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