How To Make Luxury Bath Bombs At Home

Learn how to make your own better than store bought bath bombs. They make great gifts and couldn’t be easier.

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how to make bath bombs at home

You will be so excited to learn how to make bath bombs at home. Whilst they are so relaxing, they can also be incredibly expensive.

Making your own homemade version is the obvious choice. It will work out much more economical in the long run and you can achieve the luxury, store-bought look like these ones. You will also be able to make them for gifts for family and friends and save yourself a small fortune come holiday time.

Homemade Bath Bombs Ingredients

via Emilie Lefler

Whilst there are many different recipes in circulation, this one seems to be a crowd favorite with those that have tried it. Here are the ingredients that you will need.

How To Make Bath Bombs Video

via Emilie Lefler 

Are you ready to learn how to make your own bath bombs at home? We have selected this video tutorial based on the exceptional feedback from those that have made the recipe.

Emilie is an excellent instructor and the finished result is the best we have seen. To see Emilie in action, press play above ^

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