DIY Hanging Japanese Bonsai Garden

Learn how to make your own Hanging Kokedama Bonsai Gardens. They are very easy when you know how and we have lots of inspiration and a video tutorial too.

Hanging Kokedama Bonsai Gardens are all the go lately, but they’ve been around for a lot longer than you may realise. They are an ancient Japanese tradition known as Nearai Bonsai raising.

We’ve rounded up plenty of inspiration that is going to get your green thumbs itching and we have included a video tutorial and pinnable charts too. Be sure to Pin as you go.

Hanging Kokedama Tutorial Video

In this video, Better Homes and Garden show you a full step-by-step tutorial on potting a Kokedama with moss. You can use ferns, bonsai or any type of houseplant when making yours. Click Play above to watch now ^

What Is A Kokedama & How To Grow One

This article and graphic from Lobotany shows you pretty much everything you’ll need to know about growing a Kokedama Garden. It goes into great detail about exactly how to water and fertilize your plants so they can stay healthy year-round.

Watering a hanging plant is obviously different from watering one in a pot. You’ll need a big sink or bucket for watering. Submerging the plant into the water up to its roots, you’ll wait a few minutes until its fully absorbed the water.

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Kokedama is a type of bonsai plant, originally from Japan. Literally translated to mean “moss ball”. The Kokedama variety of Bonsai is a plant that doesn’t require much care. A quick misting every day and full watering every 4 or 5 days is all that is required.

Good Housekeeping shows us how to make a lovely hanging Kokedama plant. They use Sheet Moss to hold it in place. This plant will look beautiful in any space in your home.

via Magali Jacob

Pineapple Kokedama

This Kokedama was made into a neat shape using Sphagnum Moss, a bottle protector and some twine. Looking like a pineapple hanging from your ceiling, it would be a fun way to add some plants to your kitchen.

Added by Pinterest user Magali Jacob we love this idea. You’re simply wrapping the grown plant in sphagnum and holding it together with sewing thread and the bottle holder.


Fruiting Bonsai Trees

DId you know that some Bonsai plants can produce miniature fruits? Mini apples, Pomegranates and more come from Bonsai plants and can be grown hanging up. The featured version above from designer Fedor van der Valk made a series of self-supporting hanging plant containers.

Hanging plants of any variety can actually be used in these pots, including Bonsai and Kokedama Bonsai Plants. They allow the plants more sun and they are also out of reach of kids and pets.

Kokedama Decor Ideas

Kelly Ladd from the Mother Nature Network shows the different ways the plants can be displayed.

You can even pretty up a shelf or fill a corner table. You are limited only by your imagination.

Another idea that we totally love is to make an Orchid Kokedama. This is so pretty and a nice twist. We found this on Flickr

Kokedama Hanging Gardens are so popular that they have classes held all over the world to share how to make them at home. We found this cute arrangement on The Make Arcade in UK. These beauties are potless and are encased in a mud cake.

There are so many ways that you can display your Kokedama Plants and we guarantee that you are going to love the results. They will work well indoors and out, depending of course on what type of variety that you use. We found these on Florist With Flowers

Here’s a beautiful example of how you can display your Kokedama Hanging Garden from Better Homes and Garden. We have included their video tutorial further up our post.

Hanging Moss Ball Gardening

These lovely plants come from Australian plant company Mister Moss Plants. They are basically a ball of moss that comes with plants already growing inside them.

They carry all sorts of varieties including small ferns to hanging Christmas trees. We love the way these ones look like they are sitting in balls of yarn.

We have also found some Kokedama Kits that are for sale on Etsy. You can purchase them and start creating immediately. They are inexpensive and get great reviews. You can get yours here

Over on Etsy we found this version of the Kokedama Hanging Ball but this time in Fairy House version. Are they not the cutest? You can see more of them here

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