How To Make Biodegradable Seed Starter Pots

Learn how to make your very own Homemade Seed Starter Pots using newspaper. Expert Landscaper Shirley Bovshow shows us how.

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Making seed starting pots out of newspaper saves money and is better for your garden overall. It’s also a great upcycle, and biodegradable too making it perfect for compost.

All you need is a bottle with a concave bottom, some newspapers and you can whip up as many as needed in minutes. If you like to take lots of garden cuttings, this is the perfect way to get them started.

Landscaper Shirley Bovshow swears by this method and you’ll be so excited to see how easy and effective this popular method is.

Shirley is a whizz and you’ll love this technique as much as her other ideas that we have featured. She recently showed us how to retrigger Orchids and also how to multiply roses from cuttings.

Making Seed Starting Pots Video Tutorial

via Shirley Bovshow, Garden Center TV.

In this video, Shirley shows us step-by-step how to make seed starter pots from newspaper. You can use old flyers, scrap paper, or any type of biodegradable paper.

These pots should be used after you’ve sprouted your seedlings, and a few weeks prior to planting your garden. To see Shirley in action, click play above now ^

How To Make Homemade Seed Starter Pots

via Garden Center TV

Here is how Shirley makes her newspaper seed pots.

You’ll need a bottle with a concave bottom to use as your rolling pin and some newspaper. You’ll need one sheet of paper per pot.

Start by cutting your newspaper sheet to about 6 inches (15cm) wide.

Leaving about 2 inches off the bottle, begin to roll the newspaper tightly around the bottle.

Roll it up until it is completely rolled around the bottle.

Pick the bottle up being sure to hold the seam so your pot stays together.

Take the extra newspaper you left off the bottle and begin to fold it in tightly to the bottom of the bottle.

Continue until all of the paper is folded in and your newspaper is in a canister type shape.

Pull the bottle out. You should have some newspaper sticking up inside the pot.

Press it down, making sure to keep the shape of the pot.

Now you’ve got a seed starter pot! Find a small container or tray to put it on.

Now it’s ready to be filled with your soil and seedling.

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