How To Mulch Your Garden Beds Properly

Learn how to mulch a garden bed like a Pro. We have lots of tips you will love plus a video to show you how.

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If you are an avid gardener, learning how to mulch your garden beds the correct way is paramount. Today we are going to share with you the professional technique that will yield optimal results.

Mulching reduces the spread of weeds and also makes them so much easier to pull out. It also slows down rain runoff, insulates your soil, and adds nutrients.

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Benefits Of Mulching

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Mulch acts as a shield against the sun’s rays. It is also said to reduce evaporation rates by up to 80% in summer. Another huge benefit is that worms love it.

The above infographic outlines the various types of mulch that can be beneficial for your garden. This includes pea straw, wood chips, compost, leaves, pine straw, and even your grass clippings.

One major reason you should get into the habit of mulching is that when done regularly, your plants produce higher yields. Keeping your soil cooler also results in healthier trees, flowers, and plants.

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Newspaper Mulching

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Another excellent and inexpensive way to create a weed barrier is to use newspaper. We have used this technique ourselves, and with great success. It really does work.

Simply soak your newspaper, and lay it over your garden areas. Be sure that the edges overlap so that you get good coverage. Then spread a decent amount of mulch over the top. Your weeds will be kept at bay all season long.

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Mulching Tips And Tricks

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Now that you know the benefits of mulching, the next thing you may like to know is how much mulch your garden will require. The above infographic is an excellent reference and actually includes a mulch calculator.

You can mulch around trees, play areas, driveways, and paths. Some of the common mulching mistakes include making it too thick or thin and not weeding prior to mulching. Be sure to follow the above recommendations for the very best results.

How To Mulch Garden Beds

Video via This Old House

We have included this video tutorial from This Old House that contains excellent information and techniques for you to follow. We know that you will find their step-by-step guidance extremely helpful. Press play above to watch now ^

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