Saturday 8 August 2020
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Check Out These Fabulous DIY Door Bench Ideas

Transform your Hall with a classy Entryway Bench that you make with a Door. We have several easy projects that you will love and a video tutorial to show you how. Check out the ideas now and Pin your favorites.

How To Make A Gorgeous Hula Hoop Chandelier

You only need a hula hoop and fairy lights to make this stunning Chandelier that will wow your family and friends. Pop it over your table and then move it outdoors in the evening, it's truly incredible and couldn't be easier. Check out how to whip it up now.

How To Dry And Store Herbs Naturally At Home

Now you can extend the life of your Herbs by learning how to dry them naturally at home. We have clever tips and tricks for you plus you will learn how to make a gorgeous Herb Drying Rack for your Kitchen. Don't miss these great ideas.

How To Make A Super Simple Spiral Garden

A Spiral Herb Garden would make a fantastic addition to your backyard. Fill it with your favorite plants or herbs. It makes a fabulous centerpiece too. Check out all the versions now and watch the video tutorial too.

The Cutest Chocolate Gifts You Can Make At Home

We've rounded up some clever and very inexpensive Chocolate Gifts to make at home for Valentines Day and you are going to love them. There's something for everyone and it's so much nicer when you have made it yourself. Check out the cute ideas now.

Learn How To Grow An Orange Tree From Seeds

Are you ready to learn how to grow your own Orange Tree from seeds? Today we have a video tutorial to show you how and you will love just how easy this process is. This quick method should start to show results within a couple of weeks. Get growing now!

Drawer Shelves DIY Pinterest Top Pins

Learn how to Upcycle your old Drawers into handy Bookshelves. You will love this DIY and it couldn't be easier! We have all the Top Pinterest Pins plus a video tutorial to show you how. You won't want to miss this!

Magic Faucet Is An Optical Illusion

This Magic Faucett gives the illusion that it is floating in air. You can use this clever trick for watering cans, bowls, fish tanks, ponds and water features and it's so easy, you won't believe it! We have a one minute video that reveals how to make it plus lots of versions you won't want to miss. We also have a link so you can purchase your own kit and make your own at home. This is truly awesome. Check it out now.

The Sweetest Collection Of Fairy Light Projects To Try

We've rounded up a selection of Fairy Light Projects that you are going to love. Check out the Fairy Light Watering Can and other super easy and very cute ideas, you will love what you see.

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