Are you looking for your next project? Our DIY Category is filled with lots of great ideas including recycling, upcycling and inexpensive ideas that you can utilise around your home and garden.

Add some personality to your garden with these recycled Denim Jeans Planters! They will get your neighbours talking and we have included lots of versions! You will love this easy DIY. Check them all out and watch the video now.
Learn to make your own homemade Super Soil that is better than anything you will buy. If you are a keen gardener you will not want to miss this awesome idea that will have your plants growing before your eyes and save you 50% on your water usage. We have other clever hacks in our post plus a video tutorial to show you how to super-charge your soil.
A few clay pots and a large saucer, pump, pebbles and plants is all you need to create this wonderful Table Top Water Feature Planter that will bring a calming effect to your home. You can add some fairies and plants and make it a truly wonderful piece. Watch the video now.
Did you know you can regrow Zucchini from seeds? You will love to learn how to harvest the seeds from the vegetable and then propagate and grow your own bumper crop at home. Find out how to freeze it too. You will love the step by step video and the chart that has 10 top zucchini growing tips.
We love Water Features and if you do too, you need to check out these adorable Teapot versions. See how to make an easy and inexpensive teapot fountain for your home. We've rounded up lots of cute ideas. Check them all out now and watch the video tutorial too.
This Magic Faucett gives the illusion that it is floating in air. You can use this clever trick for watering cans, bowls, fish tanks, ponds and water features and it's so easy, you won't believe it! We have a one minute video that reveals how to make it plus lots of versions you won't want to miss. We also have a link so you can purchase your own kit and make your own at home. This is truly awesome. Check it out now.
It's easy to grow Cucumbers when you know how and we have put together 10 top tips and an incredible garden hack that will deliver you the best results. We have included a video plus a garden schedule that shows you what months of the year each veggie needs to be planted. Grab your Pinnable Charts now.
You'll love these PVC Tool Storage Ideas for garage and we have rounded up the very best ideas to inspire you to clear up your clutter. Be sure to watch the video tutorial too.
Brighten up your walls and fences with these fabulous Dragonflies that are made from table legs and ceiling fan blades. They are so easy to make and we have a video tutorial that shows you how. Check out all the versions now and Pin your favorites.
You will love this super cute Troll Doll Planter DIY and you won't be able to wait to add them to your garden. Check out all the super cute ideas now and watch the quick video tutorial too.
You will adore this collection of Stone Fairy Houses that will inspire and delight you! Learn how to make your own at home using simple materials and get lost in a land of whimsy. This is the sweetest collection of ideas that you won't want to miss. Check out all the ideas now.
Upcycle a Wagon Wheel into a Herb or Succulent Garden. You will love this easy and creative idea and we have included a Video that shows you how to turn Bicycle Rims into a Wagon Wheel too. We also have a link for an inexpensive wagon wheel that will be perfect for this project.

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