How To Make A Pallet Wine Rack For Your Home

These Pallet Wine Rack Instructions are easy to follow and you will love the results. They are like those on Pinterest, Etsy and Ebay. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now.

If you love your wine, we have found an easy Pallet Project that looks great and is very handy. We’re talking about this Pallet Wine Rack. We bet you have the perfect spot picked out.

As you can see from the one above from Etsy, they look great natural or stained. They even look fabulous painted and distressed. It’s really a matter of personal choice.

Pallet Wine Rack Instructions Video

We have included a video tutorial that shows you the step by step instructions on how to recreate your own at home.

Joe Lydic does a fantastic job at showing you just how easy it is. As he says even if you have limited woodworking skills, you are going to be able to make this project. All you need to do is track down your own Pallet. Click Play above to view now ^

There are a number of gorgeous Pallet Wine Racks available on Etsy. You can see the whole collection here.

There are a number of ways you can display your Pallet Wine Rack. Keep scrolling to view more examples.

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Pallet Wine Rack

Pallet Wine Rack purchase via Etsy

Pallet Wine Rack Tutorial

Pallet Wine Rack via ‘Home Talk’

Pallet Wine Rack

Distressed Pallet Wine Rack via Etsy 

Pallet Wine Rack

Pallet Wine Rack via Etsy 

Pallet Wine Rack UpcyclePallet Wine Rack via Etsy 

via the orchard girls

The Orchard Girls show you where to cut your Pallet and they also have an excellent tutorial on their site. Find the details here.

Pallet Wine Rack

Here’s another very popular project that again, is super simple. You’ll love to make your own Pallet Bar. View Here

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