5 Steps To Pruning Your Roses Properly

If you are a rose lover, learning how to prune roses properly is a must. We have an infographic and video to show you how.

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Is there anything more beautiful than a rose bush in full bloom? It really is a sight to behold and if you want those breathtaking big blooms, it’s all to do with how you prune.

We recently showed you how to multiply your roses from cuttings. Today, we are sharing how to prune roses properly.

When it comes to pruning your roses, you should use long gloves and a clean, sharp Pruner.

You will start off by removing any twiggy and damaged branches.

Next, you will remove those that are growing towards the shrub. You are aiming to create an open vase shape for your rose bush.

Armstrong Garden Center

How To Prune Roses

via Armstrong Garden Centres

Refer to the infographic above for the exact places to snip your branches.

They should be just above the outward-facing nodes.

You should remove all leaves and ensure that you pop them in your compost bin.

This will ensure that no diseases or bugs are spread.

Once new growth reaches one inch it’s time to feed your roses.

How To Prune Rose Bushes Video Tutorial

via Armstrong Garden Centres

Armstrong Garden Centres have also created a helpful video tutorial for us to follow along with. As they say, you can’t really over prune a rose bush as they are very tough plants.

The video will show you how to get the correct shape and ensure that your roses grow back big and beautiful and most importantly, healthy. Click Play above to view now ^

Now that you know how to prune Roses, why not learn how to multiply your cuttings the easy way. See our post here.

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