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Drawer Shelves DIY Pinterest Top Pins Video

We love repurposing and if you do, we have something very special for you today. You are going to love this Drawer Shelves DIY ..

We’re always on the hunt for the best ideas to share with our very grateful community. One thing that continually seems to rear its head, is that most never seem to have enough space.

Sound familiar to you? We all horde way too much and it becomes harder by the day to throw things out.

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Drawer Shelving via Brack Who

As a result, storage ideas are always gratefully received. Today you will be excited by this clever repurpose.

Imagine our delight when we saw this Photo on Pinterest. It’s hardly surprising that everyone has been getting very worked up over this idea. This bookcase is made out of upcycled drawers.

Yes, you heard right! That old dresser that you were about to dump or those side tables, they can all be upcycled for this DIY.

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Drawer Shelves via Ulchville 

Now imagine the beauty you can bring to these Drawer Shelves. You can paint them up in pastels or primary colors like LEGO for the kid’s rooms. You can even wallpaper the insides and you can use them absolutely everywhere throughout your home.

Drawer Shelves via Crafty Nest 

How To Make Drawer Shelves DIY Video

We have included a video tutorial to show you some tips and tricks to ensuring that your Drawer Shelves DIY Project has the best results possible. The Vlogger has done a great job in her craft room and shows how she has been able to showcase her fabrics and other items. Click Play below to view ⇓

You can make your drawer shelf combinations in assorted sizes. We do suggest that if you make a freestanding version that you attach it to the wall. You should also be careful to sand your drawers to minimize splinters and the like.

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Crate Bookshelf Tutorial

Crate Bookshelf via Tara Michelle Interiors

You can also use Crates for your Project. This version involves staining up Crates that are readily available on Amazon. You can achieve the same look using your drawers.

upcycled drawer shelves

 Upcycled Drawer Shelves via The Cottage Market

Drawer Shelving via Brack Who
Drawer Shelves
Drawer Shelves via Saving The Family Money

Here’s another great idea that would be perfect for drawers. We love this Mandala Bookshelf and you can use an assortment of different sizes for this project. Don’t you just love it!

Mandala Bookshelf via Apartment Therapy 

Tetris Shelves

Tetris Shelves via Instructables

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