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Wondering what to do with that old Fridge? Don’t lose it .. use it! You will love this awesome Refrigerator Ice Cooler Upcycle.

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Don’t throw out that old Fridge! Repurpose it into this Refrigerator Ice Cooler. It will be perfect for all your entertaining. This is a Fridge filled with ice.

You do not plug it in so there are no issues with it being on its side. Who wouldn’t want one on their back porch or verandah! This has been made using a Pallet and it looks great!

This gives it a rustic, vintage look. Scroll our page to the end for more versions. Watch the video too and Pin your favorites.

Here’s What The Creator Says ..

  • It can be used as a small or large cooler depending on the size of your party. Intimate get together with friends.
  • Just use the freezer space to chill a few beverages and some snacks. Open both the freezer and fridge spaces to create a huge cooler to chill all sorts of beverages and goodies. Just add ice.
  • Sturdy flat-topped lids are just the right height to double as an impromptu table or food preparation area.
  • 4 heavy duty casters allow for the cooler to be easily moved

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Refrigerator Ice Cooler

  • When left open, the indoor fridge shelves serve as a great place to sort condiments or extra stacks of cups.
  • After use the cooler can easily be drained of melted ice via a drain value installed in the bottom of the cooler.
  • it looks great!
  • It’s only $40 to make (if you happen to have an old broken fridge laying around, if not hit Craigslist).
  • Front chalk board lets guests know what you have to drink/eat.
  • Sturdy handles and rope lid supports make the cooler easy to open and keep the lids from opening to0 far.

Refrigerator Ice Cooler Video Tutorial -:

Be sure to watch the video that shows you how you can convert your mini fridge into a Refrigerator Ice Cooler too. Click Play above to view now ⇑

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Refrigerator Ice Cooler

Don’t you just love this old buffet that has been converted into this very cool Drinks Cooler. We found this gorgeous upcycle on the Better After Site

Refrigerator Ice Cooler

Krafty Karina has done a great job of hers!

  • You can find the full instructions for this Project on the ‘Instructables Site’ here

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Fridge Ice Chest

We found this version on Ikea Hackers

DIY Cooler


• Barn wood (try to score some for free on Freecycle or Craigslist, look for piles of lumber on the side of the road, rescue pallets, or ask someone who is replacing fencing. If you can’t find it free, or just like the new look, buy cedar fence pickets)

• 5: 2×2’s @ 8 feet long

• 1: 1×4 @ 8 feet long

• Old cooler (again, CL and Freecycle are good bets, or you can buy new, or choose to line your cooler with insulated foam. There are also very affordable styrofoam coolers that could work for this project)

• 2 1/2 inch screws

• 2 inch nails

• 3/4 inch pipe coupling

• 3/4 inch spigot

• handle (we used an antler shed, go on and get creative for your lid handles too!)

• Side handles (optional)

• Bottle Opener (optional)

• Iron Decor (optional)

This project can be as cheap as the $30 we spent, or you can buy all new supplies and get all fancy and probably spend around $80+. It’s all up to you! Details via FKiller B Designs

Beer and Wine Cooler Table thumb

Here’s another very popular project that you will love. This Beer Wine Cooler Table is a very easy DIY – get the details here

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