WHOot Contributor, Shirley Bovshow is back to show us how to make a Sealed Bottle Terrarium and you are going to love this fantastic idea. We have a video tutorial to show you how. View now.

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We are big fans of Shirley Bovshow and it seems so are our community. We recently shared how to multiply rose cuttingsĀ and today, Shirley shows us how to make a Sealed Bottle Terrarium.

This is one of her most popular projects and we know you are going to love the results. It will be a unique addition to your home.

Best Plants For Your Terrarium

Shirley is a brilliant instructor. She is a regular fixture on many lifestyle shows. Once you learn how to make a terrarium it can last for many decades. Shirley says it may never need watering after the first time.

Sealed bottle gardens are ideal for humidity-loving plants like ferns, pileas, peperomias, and moss plants.

If you don’t have an oversized glass bottle for your project, there are plenty on Amazon. You will also need a cork to seal the opening.

How To Make A Sealed Bottle Terrarium

via Eden Makers

Are you ready to see how to make this beautiful project? You will be shown the correct way to set up your Terrarium, plus learn a number of handy tips along the way.

We highly recommend that you view. This will ensure that you get the perfect result. Click Play above to view ^

Want More Shirley?

Shirley is a valuable contributor to our site. We have handpicked some of her other ideas that have been very popular.

We know you will be keen to check them out below. You can also subscribe to Shirley’s Youtube, Eden Makers, here.

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