How To Start A Topiary Ball For Beginners

You will love to learn the art of Topiary and today we share an easy beginners project to get you started.

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We love gardening and if you do too, you’ll be excited to learn how to start a topiary ball. We recently shared how to grow a bonsai tree and thought this would be a great follow-on project for you to try.

Topiaries come in all shapes and sizes at the Nursery, the problem is though, they are very expensive. Once you learn this simple process, you will be able to add an elegant touch to your home and garden.

What is Topiary?

The word ‘topiary’ is actually derived from the Latin word topiarus. The true meaning is ‘landscape gardener’.

Topiary is best described as a horticultural art form. It involves the clipping and training of shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes and sculptures.

How To Start A Topiary Ball –  Beginners Video Tutorial

via  Hortube, Jim Putnam

Are you ready to learn how to make a topiary ball? Jim Putnam is a horticulturist and he is here to show us the process. He takes a clearance plant and shapes it into a beautiful ornamental plant in minutes.

Now you can get a professional look at home, without the hefty price tag. Press play above to view now  ^

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