Succulent Monogrammed Planter Box

How would you like to learn how to make your own Succulent Monogrammed Planter Box? It’s easy when you know how. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now.

Succulents have to be one of our all time favorite plants and we know for a fact that many of you feel the same way. There are just so many ways you can dress them up and display them.

The other bonus is you can’t kill them! They sure are hardy little fellas and that makes them perfect for all sorts of projects.

via House and Fig 

They are colorful, texture filled and require minimal maintenance. No wonder everyone loves them and they happen to look fabulous. We have seen all sorts of great projects over the years. The Succulent Ball has been one of the most popular on our site.

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via Ellery Designs

Succulents are also perfect for Terrariums and Wreaths. Today you will learn how to make this gorgeous Monogram version. This is a great DIY and one we know you’ll be excited to try.

The featured version above from Ellery Designs is supersized and they have used annuals in their project. You could also use Succulents if you wanted to. We absolutely fell in love with it!

via Etsy

We were excited to find that you can purchase ready to go Succulent Monograms from a terrific shop on Etsy. It comes ready made in a letter of your choice and all you will need to do is add the succulents. Get yours here

Succulent Monogrammed Planter Box Video

We have included a very quick video from Hallmark that shows you how to make your own Monogrammed Succulent Planter Box using crates to form block letters and they plant in moss so there is no soil. This is a brilliant idea and they use a miracle product called Never Wet which can be used for all sorts of projects.

 via Etsy 

The Monogram Planter Box that can be custom made in initials, or words of your choice, is available on Etsy. The Shop, Rooted In Succulents has every letter under the sun and it comes with the mesh in place too. They are a quality finish too. You can get yours here

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