Teacup Succulent Garden Ideas You’ll Love

You are going to love these gorgeous Teacup Succulent Garden Ideas and we have a video tutorial to show you how.

Repurposed odd china cups make gorgeous little planters for succulents and cacti. They’re low maintenance plants but add the perfect touch of greenery and color to any indoor space.

Be sure to scroll our page and check out the coffee pot and vintage truck versions too and be sure to Pin your favorites.

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How To Make Teacup Succulent Planters -:


  • Teacups – if you don’t have any on hand head to the Junk Shop where they are cheap!
  • Cacti or succulents – they are very low maintenance and hard to kill!
  • Small pebbles or stones
  • Cactus soil
  • Broken shells, aquarium rock, marbles for decoration
  • Mesh
  • Drill

Teacup Succulent Garden Video

We have included a video tutorial that will show you how to create your own Teacup Succulent Garden. You can use milk jugs, sugar bowls or anything at all. In the video you will be shown how to drill the base of the Teacup for proper drainage. This is advisable for the long term well-being of your plants. Click Play above to view now ⇑

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Teacup Succulent Planter

via Tattooed Martha

You can use colored rocks or gems to add some color to your project like the ones featured above from the talented Tattooed Martha. There are just so many different ways to create your gardens. You can even add some fairies or dinosaurs! Why not add cute little face to your succulent planters like the ones that we found here on Oriental Trading – are they not the cutest!

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Another popular project on our site is the Succulent Coffee Pot Project. It’s another example of the type of gardens that you can create. You can view the post in its entirety here Succulent Bricks

Love these Brick Succulents from ‘Cactus Jungle’

Troll Succulents The WHOot

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Truck Succulent Planters

We found these Truck Succulent Planters on Pinterest

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