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Succulent Sphere DIY Is Your Next Project

This Succulent Sphere DIY is one of the most popular featured projects on our site. Check out all the interesting and amazing DIY ideas now …

Succulent Sphere DIY

Succulents have become extremely popular with gardeners for lots of reasons. They have a wonderful unique appearance and they are very hardy. This means they are very easy to look after.

They can survive the most arid conditions and need very little water in the process. Succulent plants store water in their leaves and stems, usually in the more fleshy part of the plant.

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Succulent Sphere DIY The WHOot

Succulent Ball via Rainyside Gardens

They require very little water and are perfect ornamental plants. You can use them for many projects like Succulent Wreaths. 

This Succulent Sphere has been made using 2 wire garden hanging baskets as the base. The Blogger has then attached some heavy chain. You could also use traditional hanging basket wire too.

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succulent sphere diy

Did you know you can multiply your own Succulents? It’s easy when you know how. Check out the Infographic below to see how you can have an endless supply of Succulents from your own garden.How To Propagate Succulents

How To Propagate Succulents via Desima

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Succulent Sphere Video Tutorial

We were thrilled to find a brilliant Video Tutorial created by ‘Elisa The Mom’  – she steps you through the process and shows you exactly how easy it is to make your very own Succulent Sphere DIY with a few simple items. We guarantee that you are going to be thrilled with the results.To view the video, simply click Play above ^

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How to make a Succulent Ball

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Succulent Sphere DIY

Succulent Sphere DIY via Drought Smart Plants

Succulent Sphere

Succulent Sphere via Debra Lee Baldwin 

Succulent Ball DIY

Succulent Ball via Rainyside Gardens
Succulent Sphere DIY via Drought Smart Plants

Succulent Ball

Succulent Ball via Drought Smart Plants

Bird Cage Succulent Planter

get tutorial  —> Bird Cage Succulent Planter Tutorial

Turtle-Succulent Planters

get tutorial —>  Turtle Succulent Planters

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