Table Leg Dragonfly Art Watch The Video

Brighten up your backyard with this DIY Table Leg Dragonfly Art that will add loads of personality to a favorite space at your place. Check out all the ideas now.

You will never look at Ceiling Fans and Table Legs the same way again. We were blown away when we saw these cute creations from ‘Lucy Designs’ the minute we laid eyes on them.

Now you can make your own DIY Table Leg Dragonfly Art for your home. These gorgeous decorative Dragonflies are a wonderful garden art piece that are perfect for a fence or brick wall.

via Lucy Designs

There are so many ways to display the and you can even add cute faces! You will absolutely love the results that you achieve.

Do your bit for our beautiful planet and think before you throw. This is a great all-ages project and the best part is you don’t need any special skills. All you need are table legs and ceiling fans.

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via Lucy Designs

Our post is filled with gorgeous examples and they look especially good if you mosaic the wings. Again, only your imagination will limit you. Maybe look up some images on the net or check out some books for more color inspiration. They make great Butterflies too! We would love to see one made in vibrant colors!

via Lucy Designs

We have included a number of ideas in our post so scroll our page to the end. There is so much to view so be sure that you Pin your favorites as you go and watch the video below.

How To Make DIY Table Leg Dragonfly Video

You will be surprised to find out how easy it is to make your own Dragonfly Art. Let the FYI DIY Guy Step you through the process. Click Play above to watch the video now ^

via Lucy Designs

Dragonfly Table Leg Art

via Lucy Designs

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