Tea Cup Tire Planter Instructions Video

You will be bowled over by this gorgeous garden idea. We’ve got the Tea Cup Tire Planter Instructions so you can make your own.

Are you one of many wondering how to make Tea Cup Tire Planters? Well, you landed in the right place for amazing ideas!

We have not only put together a lovely collection of inspirational ideas but have included a video. This will step you through the DIY instructions and also a video showing how to cut a tire safely.

Tea Cup Tire Planter Instructions

Just look at the lovely example above. We love the colors and polka dots! Be sure to scroll our page and check out all the ideas. They would also be incredibly beautiful sitting in a Fairy garden.

You can fill them with your favorite blooms and we bet you already have the perfect place picked out!  We have also included instructions for other Tire Planter Ideas. You’ll find Frogs, Swans, Ladybugs and a Layered Tire Planter on our site as well.

How To Make Teacup Tire Planter Video

Here’s an excellent video tutorial from youtube that will show you how to make Tea Cup Tire Planters.

Click Play above to view all the steps and then continue scrolling for more great ideas on how to use those old tires ^

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Teacup Tire Planter Instructions

We love the Tire Flower Planters above and you will notice a Teapot Tire Planter too. It’s a great way to recycle!

Tea Cup Tire Planter Instructions

One of the best places to start is by learning how to cut those tires. This is the most important and difficult part of the project. Once you know how you will be able to use this for any other projects that call for Tires to be cut.

Be sure to wear heavy duty gloves to protect your hands. Once you’ve cut your tires you can spray paint them.

How To Cut A Tire Video

You’ll need a sharp pointed knife, an awl, gloves, and a thick wooden dowel. To view the video tutorial simply click Play above ⇑ – Be sure to continue scrolling our page all the way to the end so that you don’t miss any of the awesome ideas that we have included for you and don’t forget to Pin your favorites.

Tea Cup Tire Planter Instructions

Luz at Hometalk is responsible for this gorgeous creation. We love her Tea Cup Planter and it really stands out a treat in the color combination of turquoise with yellow polka dots. She has made a lovely gravel base that shows it off perfectly!

Let’s look at the Teacup Tire Planter Instructions in depth -: Start by selecting 3 different sized Tires – your local Tire Shop will be happy to help as it saves on recycling costs.

Try to get the smallest tire with the rim still on as this will assist in holding everything firmly in place.

How To Make Tea Cup Tire Planters

Here’s another beautiful example of how to display your Tea Cup Tire Planters. This version on My Beautiful Things becomes the center of attention in a lovely flower filled circular stone garden. This is a favorite of ours.

Here’s another great idea, these Wishing Well Tire Planters are fabulous and have been very popular. Check them out here
Tyre Flower Planters

You can also recycle old tires the same way into Flower Tire Planters – they’re ideal for planting out succulents or your favorite flowers and herbs —> Flower Tire Planters Tutorial

Tyre Art

We have lots more Ideas and Tutorials on our site. Be sure to check them all out at the following link now, you’ll love what you see —> Tire Art ideas

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