You Will Love These Garage Storage Ideas

We’ve rounded up the best Tool Storage Ideas for your garage and there’s so many clever ways to clear up your clutter. Check out our post now.

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Since clutter seems to be the bane of many an existence, we are always on the hunt for ways to clear it up. Today we are sharing Tool Storage Ideas for your Garage and you are going to love these very clever ideas.

Whether it’s clutter, electrical cords, or a place to charge your batteries, there’s something for everyone. Be sure to scroll our whole page for all the ideas and Pin your favorites.

10 Slot Tool Organizer

via Vector Customs

It’s easy to see why this tool organizer has been a best selling item for the creator. It’s ridiculously handy and will ensure that all your favorite tools are in one convenient spot.

Tool Storage Hacks Video

via Buzzfeed, Youtube.

Before we share the ideas that we have hand picked for you, be sure to watch this Buzzfeed Video that shows some excellent ways to have the most organized shed on the block. Click play above to view ^

PVC Tool Organizer

via Newly Woodwards

This PVC Tool Organizer has been a huge internet success and was the inspiration for the featured video. This is a great place to start in your shed and will make a world of difference. This is one of the ideas that we plan to use in our own Garage.

If you are sick and tired of never being able to find your broom or rake, this is the perfect DIY to try. You can find the details on Newly Woodwards here.

Here’s another take on the PVC Organizer, this time from Ashbee Designs and we love the labels that she has added to hers.

You can see the project here.

Old Filing Cabinet Tool Holder

via Ttt Treasure

Put that old Filing Cabinet to good use by popping it on its side and using it as a Tool Holder. There is room on the side to attach other handy items too. This idea is from TT Treasure.

Mounted Folding Bench Table

via Home Dzine

Another truly brilliant idea that is a space saver and will come in so handy is this Folding Bench Table and it’s just so easy to make. Get the details on Home Dzine.

Garage Ball Storage

via Hedden Grenus

If you have Balls all over your Garage Floor, this brilliant idea from Hedden Grenus should look like the perfect solution to you. Find the details here.

Peg Board And Gutter Shelving

via Anyone Can Decorate

We love inexpensive ideas and this one is a cracker from Anyone Can Decorate. A craft pegboard and rain gutter shelving is put to great use. Find the details here.

Jumbo Tape Dispenser

via American Woodworker

One of our favorite and very useful ideas is this tape dispenser. It comes in very handy in the gift-giving season too. We found this idea on American Woodworker.

tool storage ideas for your garage

Tool Storage Garage Ideas

via The Family Handyman

The Family Handyman is one of our favorite Sites and with ideas like those featured above is it any wonder?

We were blown away by the simple tips and tricks they have for decluttering your garage and you won’t want to miss them. You can view them all here.

Electrical Cord Hangers

via The Family Handyman

The Family Handyman has another terrific idea and this time it’s to keep your electrical cords accessible and off the floor. Mount them on the wall using a wall-mounted coat hanger and some chain.

Garage Bike Storage

via Bike Forums

Bikes can take up a heap of room in the Garage and when we spied this Bike Rack idea on Bike Forums we were impressed by the compact design. This is easy to recreate too.

Plastic Bottle Holders

via Popular Woodworking

Here’s a top way to recycle those Plastic Bottles. Turn them into nuts and bolts holders. You can even use this idea in your pantry.

All you need to do is make a hole large enough to fit your hand and you can hang them on a Peg Board. We found this great idea on Popular Woodworking.

Hold Everything Tool Rack

via Popular Woodworking

No Garage is complete without a Tool Wall and this version from Popular Woodworking will hold everything and then some. You can get the project details here.

Cordless Drill Charging Station

via Her Toolbelt

Another brilliant idea is this Cordless Drill Charging Station from Her Toolbelt and you will love having them at the ready and in one location. The creator has full plans on her site here.

Paper Roll Cord Organizer

via Instructables

Something that can clutter your garage and be hard to locate on call is cords.

Now you can pack them away in this handy paper roll cord organizer. Get the instructions on how to make your own on Instructables here.

Power Tool Charging Station

via Speed Fabrication, Etsy.

Another best selling product for the seller is this readymade Power Tool Charging Station and how handy will this be for you?

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