Super Cute Troll Doll Planter Ideas

Everyone is loving this Troll Doll Planter DIY and they are fun to make and they look great. Check out the quick video tutorial too and be sure to Pin your favorites as you go.

There is something about Trolls that bring an immediate smile to your dial. We fell in love the minute we spied this adorable Troll Doll Planter DIY. They are so sweet and so much fun to make.

They are also a great way to upcycle those old toys. They will bring some color and life to your home and garden areas.

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Another bonus is that they are inexpensive to make. This planter idea can also be used for dolls and any other similar toy.

If you don’t have a Troll Doll of your own, check garage and yard sales, or even the thrift shops. eBay has a few for sale too.

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Troll Doll Planter DIY Supplies

  • Troll Doll
  • Mini Cactus or Plant
  • Scissors
  • Very small amount of pea gravel
  • Very small amount of dirt

Troll Doll Planter DIY Video Tutorial

We have included a quick Troll Doll Planter DIY video to show you how to recreate your own at home. Click Play above ^


Troll Doll Planter DIY Instructions

  • First, you’ll need to remove the hair from your troll. You can usually just pull it out, but you might need to get the scissors in there if it’s too tough.
  • Add a little bit of pea gravel to the bottom – a super tiny amount. Then put a little bit of dirt on top of that.
  • Put your succulent or cactus inside and you’re done!

via Garden Chick 

You can show your little guy off in your home, use it as decor for a kids room, put them outside in your garden, or even keep one on your desk just to remind you to smile. There are so many ways to use these cuties. They make a fun gift too.

via Crystroll

This Etsy shop owner has a great tip for a type of plant to use! The plant is a Tillandsia, a small plant native to Central and South America. Found in the forests and deserts, it grows great without a lot of water or soil, making it an ideal plant for this project! You can also buy the above troll planter from them here

via Pinterest

We love the hair on this troll! You can use all types of small cacti and succulents.


Why not make a whole Troll Family? Group them together around your flower pots or pop them on you table as a centerpiece. There’s so many ways you can display them.

via Vida Suculenta
Here is another one with some great hair! You don’t have to limit yourself to one plant when they don’t need any rooting space!

via Pinterest

Here is a cute way to arrange the trolls in your garden. Inside pots, squeezed between gates, and anywhere they’ll fit. They’re a great alternative to garden gnomes!

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Looking for some more ideas? Why not get inspired by our Fairy Garden post here or Rock Fairy Garden post here. They’d make a great little place to put your trolls in! You can also read this post about Etsy shops selling Troll Planters.

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