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Vertical Planter Garden Perfect For Your Herbs

If you are looking for the perfect place to house herbs, you can’t go past this vertical planter and it’s easy when you know how ..

Vertical Planter Garden

Here’s a great weekend Project. We love this Stepped Vertical Planter and it’s ideal for keeping your herbs on hand.

This light weight construction means you can move it around to catch the sun and rain and you can move them up or down the ladder. Check out the gorgeous Pallet version below too. Tutorial via ‘Ruffles and Truffles’

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Vertical Planter

How To Make A Vertical Planter

Here’s the materials you will need for this project -:

  • 2 stair risers (we used risers with 5 steps, but you could also use a 4 or 3 stair riser as well)
  • 5 planter boxes (we used 6″x24″ resin window boxes)
  • 1 2″x4″x12′ board (pressure treated)
  • Drill
  • 4 bolts (we used 3.5″ 5/16 hex bolts)
  • 4 nuts (5/16)
  • 8 washers (5/16)
  • 20 screws and matching size washers
  • 8 additional screws

You can find the full details on the Bloggers Site, Ruffles and Truffles Here – Be sure to continue scrolling our page and check out the other projects including the Pallet Herb Planter that’s another easy DIY, you’ll love to try. 

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Pallet Herb Planter

Here’s another popular planter idea and all you need is a pallet or some scrap wood to create. You can also add some casters and make it mobile. You can find the full details here —  Pallet Herb Planter Tutorial

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