You can make the cutest Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden for your home quickly and easily. You are going to love these gorgeous ideas.

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden Ideas

Fairy Gardens add a magical touch and there are just so many beautiful ways that you can present them. One of our favorite ways is to plant a wheelbarrow fairy garden.

We especially love the BHG wheelbarrow garden and today we are going to show you how you can make your own using a few items that are probably hanging around your home.

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden Ideas

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden  via The Seasoned Home’

You can place it under a tree or create a beautiful backdrop. You could even light your fairy garden up for a truly magical look!  Scroll our post for more amazing ideas.

There are so many ways to display your wheelbarrow fairy garden and you can use a new wheelbarrow or an old vintage one. You can paint it up or leave it rusty. You can also find how to make a popsicle stick fairy door in another of our popular posts.

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden Video Tutorial

We have found a short video tutorial that shows you how to turn your old wheel barrow into a gorgeous focal point for your garden or patio. You will love seeing how the different elements mesh together like how the creator The Seasonal Home used colorful buttons for the fairy pathway. This is just one of the super cute ideas that we love. To view the short video click Play above ^

Wheelbarrow Garden via Pinterest 

Here’s what you will need -:

  • — Vintage wheelbarrow
  • — Medium-size pea gravel or river rock
  • — A piece of screen material cut to fit the bottom of the wheelbarrow
  • — Potting soil

As you can see by this assortment of ideas, anything goes. There are so many ways that you can display your Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden and have it propped up at the base of a Gum Tree.

Wheelbarrow Gardens via bullesettbottllion

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wheelbarrow fairy garden

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden Tutorial  via Better Homes And Gardens

Fairy Garden

Fairy Gaden Wagon via Lake Girl
Wheelbarrow Fairy GardenWheelbarrow Fairy Garden via Facebook

Fairy Garden Lights

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden via Little Blog On The Prairie

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden via 1001 gardensWheelbarrow Fairy Garden Ideas
Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden via BHG

Fairy Garden Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden  via The Seasoned Home’

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Our member Leanne made this version and what a great job she did!Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden via Red Shed Vintage

Another idea we found that could work well over the top of your Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden is a glowing Watering Can. This one that we have featured is from Smart Schoolhouse and we just love the idea. It would really add a whole other dimension and make your wheelbarrow into a wonderful centerpiece.

Broken Clay Pot Fairy Garden Tutorial

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